That 70's Thread
(08-03-2022, 08:45 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

I can't even begin to process the levels of pure and total what the fuck this movie encompasses.

AND Joan Crawford.

Which just makes it even harder to understand how... just, how.

Joan. Fucking. Crawford.

7:07 this is why she was in that movie. It was made in 1970 and she died in 1977. It was just a job and I guess she needed it.

Still though... to have Joan Crawford in your movie is just insane. They were so fucking lucky man.

Like yeah, I know about "Mommie Dearest" and everything but...

She seems pretty amazing to me.
She's fucking mesmerizing, TBH.

Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack is kind of synthwavy.
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Seems like lots of A-list movie stars go out with a flop.

Maybe it's in their Illuminati contracts.
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Well it's also got to do with age... usually if they're elderly, that's what happens.

Shit though, I mean... you're still in a movie, so no reason to think too badly of it.

A low budget silly horror movie for example could still be a lot of fun to shoot.
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That's sooooo pleasant. Perfect aesthetic.
I'm actually impressed by that video... I love it when people really understand how to capture that heavenly '70s essence.
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You'll fit in well with the crew, Fannie.
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I'd rather have Brandon fit well into me...


Nah but on some real shit...

Can we just think about the human desire to have sex with aliens for a minute.

Just think about it.

Just think about what it entails.

We want to have sex with aliens because it's the ultimate propagation of the species BEYOND this planet.

Humanity is obviously trying to spread everywhere...

Which frankly, I'm against. In spreading around and trying to conquer a whole bunch of territory, either you win, or you get dealt with.

Humanity better try and rack up a whole lot of positive collective karma before they go off trying to colonize space, I'm just saying.
Different species, especially from different planets, won't be able to make offspring.
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I never thought of that.

Maybe it's because that hasn't stopped them for a very very long time...

I dunno, I think that's an easy fix.

If we could FIND aliens, we could certainly mix our genetics together.

I guess this is an important point though...

It won't be achievable via sex.

So the sex is pointless.

It actually serves zero REAL purpose when it comes to reproducing with aliens.
When you get down to it, due to this technology we have in the world today...

Growing things in labs, cloning, test tubes, pods, cow wombs, whatever the hell they're using...

Humans don't even need to have sex in order to reproduce anymore.
Freezing eggs, sperm, etc.

Taking these genetic materials and using them in an unnatural way to create offspring...


Wombs in labs, or in people, in cows...

All kinds of shit is being used to create offspring now.

It's happening on the planet, NOW.

I'm just saying.

But sex is no longer a key element of the process.

I think that's bad.

It's not gonna work out...

And this may be why humanity simply can't move beyond this planet, can't be a multi-planetary species...

They can't go to other star systems, colonize, or survive for any extended period of time.

Because they're unnaturally spliced, they have this cap on them.

Cats, dogs, birds, etc. most likely aren't unnatural creations in their raw form, which means there are probably cat planets and bird planets etc. out there.

It depends on the terrain of the planets they naturally grow on. Desert = cats. Water = fish. Air = birds. You only need a tiny amount of landmass vs. water for birds to happen.

There are spider planets, lots of insect planets.

But planets with lifeforms like humanity who SEEK to TRAVEL from planet to planet just aren't natural.

Some kind of ancient species on a lucky, stable planet out there evolved to the point of conquering gene splicing, long distance space travel, etc. and seeded life on this planet with its own DNA... that's how humanity got here.

Humans are an alien species spliced with indigenous earth creature(s).

There are countless planets with animal lifeforms, insect lifeforms, etc. To have a lot of different types of lifeforms on one planet, there must be a lot of geological variation. Landmasses sticking up out of liquid oceans (ice counts). Places for stuff to grow. Variations in temperature along the surface of the planet.

Earth is a great terrarium planet, but I think humans are an unnatural element in it. It would have all the animals, the insects, etc. anyway, those are natural and normal. But humans aren't.

The Bible even says that humans were invented by God to govern all the animals... they're supposed to take care of the animals. They're Earth's zookeepers, ACTUALLY CREATED solely for the purpose of taking care of the variety of animals present on the planet.

This means feeding the animals, making sure they are helped out in situations that endanger them or whatever... this is the SOLE REASON that humanity was CREATED. Manufactured. Put together from earth material and the "life breath" of God. Look it up. It's all there in the book.

Knowing all of that... what would you say is the trajectory of humanity? Does it sound like a fabricated lifeform who has one purpose in existing, ON EARTH... could/should successfully survive on another planet??

The only way to justify it is to take some animals with you, and have the legitimate intent to sustain their lives on another planet. But even then, you're stepping out of bounds and are probably gonna get taken out by some universal force rather than succeeding in becoming sustainably multiplanetary.

And humanity isn't the only lifeform that has tried to become multiplanetary... their alien creators did that. They were a multiplanetary species. I guess it's debatable whether they were a fabricated or natural lifeform though. It's widely believed they were natural. They were very advanced due to having existed for a long time, but their planet became universally challenged (started to die, sun got too close, etc.) so they were FORCED to go multiplanetary.

They were traveling from place to place trying to get to a destination they could sustainably live in. A planet that would support their lifeform. They stopped by Earth to mine a necessary element to propel their vehicles, and they created Humankind as their slaves to mine this element. It's said that the aliens thought Earth really is sort of rare... so they made up the part about humans being created to take care of the animals. Some believe that the aliens enjoyed cats and this is the sole reason all of the animals were therefore "saved" and put under the care of their alien-monkey hybrid lifeform.

In any case, when they got enough fuel, they left and essentially, they all died.

Humankind is all there is left of this alien species' DNA in the universe.

So now, the only way this once highly advanced extinct lifeform can consciously inhabit the universe is through their hybrid-alien human species... that is widely considered an abomination, BTW.

I'm just saying... the truth of humanity is a bad soap opera. Sometimes it's just best not to know.

I used to subscribe to the idea that the whole planet is an intentional zoo... it may have been terraformed on purpose.

But in my opinion, it's inconsequential whether the origin of animal life on earth came about naturally, or was seeded.

No matter how you cut the cards, humanity was created by combining two (or more) things that should not have gone together, in a lab-like setting.

Now this is ALL they do. Humanity is obsessed with the concept because that's how it was created.

The opinion widely held by intelligent societies in the universe is that humanity is an abomination out of control. At the least, it shouldn't be allowed to expand beyond its terrarium in the solar system.
Maybe the Aliens use sex as a free energy source.

That would also explain why Humans are soo horny.
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