Amber Heard and the Psychiatrist
Watching this unfold live. They're on lunch break right now, so the video is still live but no stream as of this writing. Where they left off is with the Doctor getting ready to just fully unload on Amber's Borderline Personality Disorder. I can't leave my computer right now. 

My main takeaway, so far, is learning that doctor/patient confidentiality goes entirely out the window in court. The fact that this is being aired live just makes it all that more brutal. The horrifying, underlying reality is that if Amber actually has BPD, then this is abject hell for her.  

My other takeaway... listening to the doctor's breakdown of what BPD is... I have to now wonder if I've got it. Ouch... 

Chat, of course, is toxic af. I've chimed in, calling the doctor a reptile. I mean... look at her eyes ffs. Yes, yes, she's kind of hot. But I get that "soul curdling" feeling when I look in her eyes. Ugh. 

Well at least she's diagnosed...

But just because someone has BPD doesn't mean it's okay that they're an abuser.

It's not.

It means they need to come with a warning sign to stay the hell away from them at all costs.

BPD includes severe abandonment issues and it's a fucking nightmare to deal with someone who has it. They destroy every relationship in their life and blame everyone but themselves.
(04-26-2022, 12:22 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: It means they need to come with a warning sign to stay the hell away from them at all costs.

I dated (briefly) someone that had it and it was amazing for about two weeks, and then the toxicity became so intense that I started to feel like my spine was being poisoned every time we spoke. She had an AMAZING ass, though.
I'm reading reports now that Johnny suspects Elon and Amber had an affair.

Court is back in session. Doctor getting cross examined now.
This cross examiner is a bulldog! She's tough.
I appreciate the coverage, I typically don't see videos about the trial until a few days later as I haven't been watching it as it happens.

I did post a fair bit in other threads about Elon and Amber's involvement though...

And "yikes" is all I have to say about that because the implications are just chilling.

Jennifer Grey (legendary 80s actress) basically says that her year long relationship with Johnny Depp was one of the greatest fucking times in her life, and I believe it.

Could you imagine having Johnny Depp in his absolute heyday? The man still looks absolutely gorgeous... TBH, so does Jennifer, when I saw her recentish photo in that article I thought "Wow, what a beautiful woman."

Amber Heard doesn't have shit on either one of them... she's a blip and she needs to get some serious mental help and just disappear from the public eye.
I want to have mentally fuked up kids with amber xD lol
I like them crazy makes for good nakeup lovin
crazy woman are like wild unridden horses. got to tame them
whisper to them
break them in
Lol nakeup
4:50:50 OP video...

I dunno what the hell they're talking about but all I can say is that Johnny Depp is like living artwork, he's like a living statue.

I've never been a huge fan, I mean I think most people are a basic appreciator of some of his films in the western world at least, the guy is fucking iconic...

But I have always been able to admit that his level of beauty is absolutely absurd.

If he's had procedures and surgeries to keep up his good looks, he's clearly chosen the best doctors out there.
Fuckin' guy looks just as good now as he did in the '80s.
Come on not all Amber's fault.

You know all Elon does is work 24/7
She probly didn't even get much closeness with any of her guys she been with.
Johnny isn't perfect either. They both were at eachothers throats
Both have drug addiction issues
If anything the mental health is failing her
Come on..there Johnny Depp losing his shit on amber all the time. And Amber is being polite there to asking Johnny to stop from banging cupboards and yelling at her.
Johnny asking her to cut him. Amber was like no I'm not going to do that

She's obviously been put into these situations where the men are asking her to abuse him
I'm kinda on amber side becuase they are aware she has mental issues and all these guys jus adding more fuel to fire
And you know woman are sensitive creatures so. Adding more fuel on the fire might make a woman act out hostily
Dude Johnny Depp is one of the best looking motherfuckers ever to walk the earth and that shit is fact...

So Amber Heard's lesbian ass passing up the chance to reproduce with him and opting for Elon instead? It shows that she's SOLELY in it for money, which is totally frightening.

That baby wasn't out of a desire to reproduce, it was solely for leverage.

If she'd wanted to reproduce with someone who has godlike beauty, Johnny would have been her man.

Even I would reproduce with Johnny Depp.
Guest stop wasting your time taking the piss just to be a troll...

You're not playing devil's advocate, you're just being a twat.

I am not gonna put up with it, so don't spend your time on it.

This shit is serious as I've explained in other threads, it's way bigger than some Amber vs. Johnny BS, and you do not understand that.

If you want to be a mindless troll, go to Twitter. Elon can deal with you since he wasted all that money to have the honor of dealing with your ilk day in and day out.

Me? No.
Johnny Depp wasn't rich enough for her.

Period eh

Well let's see how this court thing plays out who is innocent and who is guilty

Let's wait for the verdict

If your right and Depp wins.

I will apologize till the cows come home mooing

4:45 apparently Amber just LOVES assaulting people with bottles.
It's fucking horrifying. She threw bottles at his head, she severed his finger with a bottle... she could have KILLED this man.

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