"Gunsmoke" (1955) - Review & Commentary
S10 E18 - "One Killer on Ice"

0:44 WHY is Ken Curtis's body SO SEXY?!??!?!? I don't UNDERSTAND~!~~~!!!!!!!! Is it the boots?? Is it the pants? Is it just simply because Ken Curtis?!

1:05 oh this guy looks creepy as shit!!! He looks like a Mennonite who escaped!!!

2:38 fkn nice hair though.

3:50 why is his beard so much darker than his hair??

4:00 pretty sure "catch ya later" wasn't a phrase back then.

4:40 I love it when Festus flirts with Kitty... https://imgur.com/a/j4t91Xc

5:26 well you guys aren't special like Festus.

8:00 Kitty seems to like what she sees a lil too much if you ask me... https://imgur.com/a/TfCeowK WHAT ABOUT MATT!!?!!?!

11:32 the guy playing Anderson is actress Drew Barrymore's dad... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Drew_Barrymore

20:20 Billy is Dennis Hopper... big guest stars in this episode.

21:20 "You don't tell me what to do, bitch!"

26:28 see this is the kind of scene that sparks my imagination and makes me want to write filthy Gunsmoke fanfiction.

30:40 ugh my God with this miserable chick, listen, get on a fucking horse and ride into Dodge and go work at the Long Branch... just quit your complaining.

31:33 pretty scenery.

33:46 hot damn, it's ICE!!!!! That's practically a gold mine!!!

37:20 down to the Long Branch, hopefully.

43:20 they always act like the reward money is some kinda shameful thing in this show.

44:28 roflmfao.

50:20 excellent music at the climax.
S10 E19 - "Chief Joseph"

0:48 them look like some good vittles!

0:58 lmao what is with this super close up of Festus eating!?

1:08 mmm, damn... to be a chicken leg though. Fuuuck.

20:16 isn't this guy a Lieutenant?? Why doesn't he just say who he is?? Is he undercover and that's why he can't say who he is??

23:20 "I'm not gonna waste the taxpayers' money feeding you." See that's how I feel about it too... these douchebags in prison for committing heinous crimes (crimes against women and children, not any stupid shit like drug related offenses etc.) should just be dealt with immediately instead of wasting taxpayer money keeping them alive, but that's just my opinion.

27:46 riiiiiight.

44:20 Matt is reading an order from "President" Ulysses S. Grant... he was President from 1869 to 1877, so I guess we've gone back in time from the perpetual 1878 of the Gunsmoke universe.
S10 E20 - "Circus Trick"

2:30 creepy 1800s ice cream wagon?

3:47 this is the last episode where Festus's girlfriend April makes an appearance.

14:40 oo la la, is Eddie some kinda freaked out circus psycho?! That's hot!

19:50 "Hey dude, I'ma lookin' for a girl!" roflrofl!

20:23 DAYUUUMMMM!!!! https://imgur.com/a/z92CWRc

22:38 I really like this guy who is talking Eddie down... he's a great character.

42:50 oh no man, looks like our cutie Miss April is skuh-reeewwwdddd... https://i.imgur.com/c10nGsD.png

44:11 this is a trippy scene back at the circus with the psychic, nice spin.
S10 E21 - "A Song for the Dying"

6:40 nice ending note there.

12:30 well if I was the youngin, I'd be leaving my asshole pa behind and riding off to a new life in San Fran!

20:00 that was a badass zoom in from the jail cell window... https://i.imgur.com/4J2DxtF.png

40:00 this is the first time the Marshal has ever actually said that Festus is deputized, but I dunno if it's just for this episode.

43:37 she made you young, and you made her die.

50:50 one of those haunting voiceover style closing scenes.
Man, I still can't get over those love letters though...

That was some REAL shit.

It was the '40s, James Arness wasn't mega famous yet, he had no idea that a random creepster would somehow come into possession of those letters ~50 years later and try to auction them.

He was just writing some steamy romantica to his wife.

Writing letters, talking on the phone, coming up with ridiculously over the top shit about seeing her face on the ocean or whatever, like...

I dunno man. He already had this woman, it's not like he was fighting to gain her or something. She was locked down to him at the time.

But still, he wrote.

And he didn't just write...

He wrote THAT.

HE wrote THAT.


He was in his 20s in those letters, he was still young/naive, enraptured in the first strong bout of love he'd probably had.

But the fact that he felt that way (I guess) at one time...

Well it makes me want to re-think my conclusion that men are incapable of love.

Cuz I'm not necessarily saying what he expressed in those letters WAS love.

But I AM saying that, to me, it seems like men must be capable of SOME level of what is considered "love"...

Because how/why would you come up with that stuff unless you had the ability to feel something??

Considering the context, the situation, like I said, she was ALREADY his...

It seems like it could be possible that men MIGHT indeed be capable of something at least close to the concept of love.
I'm still not convinced in any way whatsoever, but... I have to say, I am considering the possibility now after seeing those writings.
S10 E22 - "Winner Take All"

0:20 this announcer is 100% perfect.

0:50 "QUEE-UNT!?"

1:50 that looks dangerous.

3:20 this actor playing Curly is mega hot, check out this page with interesting tidbits, seems like he had a 'ladies man' reputation back in the day... https://columbo.fandom.com/wiki/Tom_Simcox

3:30 man they sure aren't shy about sucking face on this show anymore.

5:11 we need a compilation of every time a guy is about to insult a lady and gets punched in the face, lmao.

7:40 what the heck is this guy trying to talk to the marshal about, exactly??

18:40 Festus is the greatest character of all time, I'm so for real.

19:10 roulette ain't my shit, I'd get dizzy looking at it.

20:50 they put the captions at the top of the screen for this scene, a closeup of both characters... that's interesting, never seen them do that before.

21:50 one of these dudes is about to get it for sure... hopefully it's not the hot one.

22:35 I don't really feel bad for this guy at all... he should have stopped talking down to his brother right then and there, but he was stubborn I think he gets what he deserves for it.

23:00 too bad they didn't just leave like she said to... I mean, she's pretty much a hussy, but she was right.

29:00 "*WHPSH!!!!* Sheeeuddup, bitch!!!!!" For real, she's gonna get him killed.

39:30 wow man. Just wow.

39:40 getting two-timed and that's about it.

39:57 oh shit!!!!!! I didn't expect that!!!!!! *popcorn*

40:08 [spurs jingling] lol.

40:30 I've got something you can stop up, Festus!!!!! *dancing banana*

40:57 "I just up'n finalized him," roflroflroflmfao!!!!!

41:03 this scene is great for drooling over Marshal Dillon's sexy mouth and teeth.

42:30 that's such a handsome horse, I am typically shy to even touch horses but that one looks super pettable. Even the guest stars who have been on this show all seemed to know what they were doing when it came to the horses. I wonder if they were given brief lessons beforehand or something.

42:40 he's totally gonna kill her, and I fully support this.

43:22 "A mess of pottage" well I dunno exactly what that means, but it definitely sounds like he's calling her a no-good hussy!!!

44:30 he's got one glove on, that's definitely a bad sign.

45:28 the hell she isn't, CAP THAT BITCH!!!

45:32 roflmfao, soap opera alert!!!

47:25 "I take my territory with me, and right now you're in it." OOOHWWWOOOO. https://i.imgur.com/RwsVl6k.png

47:53 I love how Festus took the guy's gun and covered Matt, that's so hot... every move Festus makes is so sexy.
S10 E23 - "Eliab's Aim"

1:00 no no, the proper greeting is "QUEE-UNT!?"

1:39 lmao oh man, it's another Haggen! The Haggen men sure wear some funny hats. They are all very lovable.

1:42 and they all wear those weird side button up shirts too, wtf?!

3:30 Burt Reynolds looks finer every episode. This is his second to last appearance on the show.

6:50 lolol, Festus has taken a liking to this guy's boots!!! https://imgur.com/a/0vx2w6h He's gonna try to win 'em!!!

7:00 lolol, this is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I hope he wins... *popcorn*

14:10 "You just gonna stand there and let the flies out?" rofl.

18:20 "Uncle Festus real fond of made up songs!" the way he said that... so cute and backwoods.

24:50 this episode is HILARIOUS. It's just SOOOOO weird. I love it!!!

25:08 he's dusting his "dude" boots ROFL!!!!!

29:46 "Slicker than opossum fat" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

32:50 Pearl is pretty damn fine, TBH.

33:09 "Can I touch 'em?!" BAHAHAHAHAHA HOLY SHIT. https://imgur.com/a/X1dvYDZ Fuck that's hot!!!

This is one of THE FUNNIEST episodes yet. It may be my new #1 favorite episode in the "Funny" category.

44:25 lol he's got his jingly spurs on the new boots and Doc has him take them off... it's a round about way of admitting that Festus's jingly spurs give away whenever he's coming near.

46:20 rofl, oh I get it, they're trying to trade the dude boots for the "hangy down part" of Festus's ear!!!

48:30 lolol, she doesn't love him anymore without the boots!!!!!! https://imgur.com/a/UuOphmK

Without a doubt my new #1 favorite funny episode.
S10 E24 - "Thursday's Child"

1:08 Dodge is looking more like a city indeed, all the time... it's gorgeous.

1:46 lmao, so she steps off the stage and immediately I'm like "Is that Julie Andrews!?" (this has happened before), then I click over to my browser, look at the cast list for this episode and see that it is OF COURSE NOT Julie Andrews, and just as I'm reading the actress's name, Kitty exclaims "JULIE!!!" I shit you not.

3:20 I mean there was LITERALLY NO REASON to think she was Julie Andrews, she looks nothing like her, rofl. Just wtf.

7:20 dude, Jean Arthur was 64 in this episode and she looks fffffffffffFFffffFFFUCKING amazing... https://imgur.com/a/rIuaIF2

9:17 agh, my God, her dress in this scene is vintage lens flare heaven... *heart eyes*

10:20 Doc is shhhhmitten with Miss Julie.

12:20 super 1960s sounding music.

16:18 well that's enough to burn your a-hole!

17:40 she'll need a doctor, and Julie knows where to find one.

20:20 "You know, about three or four times a year, people try to come in here and kidnap me." Roflmfaolol that's exactly what I was thinking too!!! Oh it's just Doc getting kidnapped, AGAIN!!!

21:25 how in the heck would they find that place out in the middle of nowhere, in the dark to boot? Come on.

25:50 this part of the episode reminds me of a theory I developed over the past day or so about death of the mother and/or baby during birth. I'm not gonna expound on it here because it's pretty hardcore, and this being the Gunsmoke thread, I think it's important to keep things as... I dunno, NOT hardcore as possible.

26:50 I'd give up my piece of shit outlaw son any day to save the baby.

27:30 I'd probably just crack that dude over the head right then and there, take the baby and head for Dodge... I'd raise it and try to do better than I apparently did with my fuckup son if I was this lady.

28:10 ew, and he's smoking too.

38:18 roflmao @ the way Doc jumps back like he's gonna attack Festus anytime he touches him. It's so natural and convincing, they're really amazing together.

39:09 I don't think we've ever heard Doc yell at somebody before!

39:13 I love the way Festus puts his hands up on his vest like that.

49:36 you're damn right it's alright.
S10 E25 - "Breckinridge"

3:05 scenes with Festus are so fun and exciting.

4:20 oh my God what the hell! I've never seen a ruckus like this on the show before, lawyer guy picked one heck of a day to get introduced to Dodge City!

4:45 oh wow, lawyer guy can fend for himself, I didn't expect that!

8:13 even Sled doesn't give a shit that he has to leave... I think lawyer guy needs to get a clue. Greenies like this always come into Dodge and end up learning hard lessons.

12:06 what's with the bands they wear around each arm on top of their shirts? I've seen several people wearing them on this show.

12:28 "He's some young dude lawyer, Kitty." lol, it never gets old.


24:56 "Ain't you gonna say goodnight?" That smile. Festus is gorgeous. https://imgur.com/a/Tos1XG9 Such an amazing character, I love him so much.

26:20 I'm digging the baller closeups of Miss Kitty in this episode... https://imgur.com/a/V8gnQPl

27:22 his eye movements were super on point in this whole scene, he did a great job in this bad guy role.

37:20 mmmh, fuuuuck meeee dude... https://imgur.com/a/64UUMRs Kitty look gooder than hell dirtied up a little bit. I'm starting to think everybody does!?
I don't even know if I can ever watch another show again after seeing Gunsmoke.

They're all just absolute shit, ESPECIALLY new ones.

Anything newer than the 80s is full of weird propaganda and stupid social issues.

Shows made in the 2000s are straight garbage compared to Gunsmoke.

I dunno, I just really don't think you can go back once you KNOW how great things can be.
S10 E26 - "Bank Baby"

0:52 sleeping UNDERNEATH the wagon, that's brilliant!

This is Burt Reynolds' final episode.

3:50 awww, cute baby.

4:17 "Like I give a fuck what you want, fatass!"

7:03 pft, she should take a shotgun to him the next time he turns around. He'll probably be Matt Dillon's 198th kill instead though.

8:20 of course it's Jimmy. Who else would it be?

8:42 "Jim!?" roflmfaololol, I CANNOT with this show.

10:57 and of course this guy doesn't recognize the sound of his own baby crying, lmao.

18:30 their whole plan falls apart if she refuses to cooperate... I dunno, like maybe she should grow some balls?

22:38 man this story is fucked up yo. I have nooooo respect for this baby thief's wife. Not a single ounce. What's her husband gonna do in front of them? Smack her down?? Shoot her? Big fucking deal... her life is a useless bunch of suck as it is anyway.

23:48 "Marshal... I need to make a new baby FAST, and I think you're just the man for the job!"
S10 E27 - "The Lady"

11:27 Every. Single. Time.

15:08 lol this guy is so... gross. Hard pass.

15:45 just Aunt Hattie, buyin' some hats cuz she got dat phat Long Branch money!?!

19:02 better Jud than that other guy, my God.

19:48 I think yes, Jud, I'll marry you.

20:12 I ship these two hard, Jud seems nice.

20:20 "Well to start with, you gotta go to bed early and get up before daylight." Hmm, you know, he probably has a point there.

21:50 Yes. Just yes. Yes. Yes yes. Yes.

23:25 oh man I would have slapped her so fucking hard.

23:40 send that stupid little cockblocking bitch on to San Fran then... she doesn't need her hand held.

27:02 honestly, I hope this fat sweaty obnoxious fuck laughs her right on out of town, because she is a total waste.

30:00 it's not for the other guy, it's for him so he can blackmail you.

31:00 okay first off, anybody can see what's gonna happen here from a mile away. She's gonna get the hots for this guy. Secondly, this reminds me of some seedy situations I've found myself in at certain points in my life! BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

God I'm lucky to be alive.

31:27 I love how they're just unveiling his hotness ever so slowly with this shaving scene... clever!

32:10 I mean... TBH, like, having to trade sex for services isn't such a bad thing when you're dealing with a good lookin' fella like this.

32:38 check it out, those bitchin' lens flares are even in her eyes... https://i.imgur.com/7UUlZ9q.png GOD that's gorgeous. It was either the type of lights or the type of camera/lens that was used. I found the answer to this lens flare mystery once, but I totally forgot.

33:00 well that escalated quickly... but if that's the new plan then why the fuck does she still want this guy killed?! I'm so for real!!! I guess she's just evil, dude. What a shitkicker!

34:03 oh man, now that was just straight up full on UNNECESSARY. Now I'm PISSED.

35:06 oh COME ON, how in the fuck could the marshal KNOW THIS!?!? ROFL!!! I mean, I guess it's plausible that he could piece it together, I guess it's obvious enough but. I dunno.

37:27 I definitely believe Jud can take this guy.

47:20 you know, I've been waiting for this show to lose momentum, and maybe it will... like the Kittyless season, I can't imagine what that would even be like. But so far man? So far? It JUST GETS BETTER.


47:52 I TOLD YOU!!!!!!! And look how surprised she looks, ROFLMAO!!!!!!

48:38 I meeeeeaaannnn, prison, or life with this guy?? https://i.imgur.com/WTKarfr.png I think the choice is obvious, lmfao!!!!!

48:46 sure, she can ditch him at any point when he's not lookin', but still... too big of a risk to take to even leave with him. Yikes!
S10 E28 - "Dry Road to Nowhere"

The volume on these most recent episodes have been on point. I think people using TVs would probably have a hard time hearing lower volume episodes even with it maxed out. I have a special setup that I'm watching these DVDs with and it basically has unlimited volume... most people aren't gonna have that luxury. So far, I would deem the box set GREAT... but it's not perfect. I will give a summary of my conclusions about it when I'm finished.

2:40 ooo, I like her pa! That's the kinda person you wanna have walking through life with you in GENERAL.

4:52 oh this guy is TUH WISSSSS TEDDDD!!!!!!!! I love it. Wonder what kinda trouble these two are gonna get up to in Dodge!?

7:37 Festus believes in plant medicine!!! It's 4:20 somewhere baby!!!

17:31 what the heck is a "temperance preacher"??

17:45 "ballots, not bullets" ooo that's a good one!!!

28:30 lol.

29:00 "You have coffee with him every day, for three years or more," Doc reference to Festus. THREE YEARS. That's how long he's supposedly been in Dodge, yet it's STILL 1878?? Or 1877 according to the last episode we were able to date from the plot line. Lol, I'm just saying.

32:50 ...on the prairie?

46:27 ah man, it's too bad he had to turn out exactly like every other dad of a chick on this show. I liked him at first.

49:20 whew... thank God he redeemed himself.

50:50 and I'll bet he's not the only one in for a lickin' tonight... *dancing banana*
Wow, now this is a gold mine right here...

S10 E29 - "Twenty Miles From Dodge"

1:10 LMAO, DAMN!!! This kid is like 10 and he's already gotten shot once!!! That wild west frontier life though?!

2:37 lol, Festus making light of Matt and Kitty being an item and Kitty being absent from Dodge for a month!

3:32 somebody's got a hot mom... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aneta_Corsaut

5:33 damn, Miss Kitty sure has been running into a lot of trouble on the stagecoach lately, huh??

6:28 I thought I'd noticed before that Kitty wears clip on earrings... those things are super damn uncomfortable, wonder what's up with that?

9:42 "gilding the lily" roflmfaolol.

22:30 I think people must have written in and said they love seeing Kitty a little dirtied up with her hair all tousled, and they decided stagecoach robberies were the easiest approach to deliver what the audience wanted.

37:06 TIME TO KICK SOME ASS!!!!!!!!!!

37:50 she looks great unconscious!!!

47:00 Kitty isn't giving this guy enough credit.


TL;DR the runtime length of Gunsmoke is 18 days.

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