"Gunsmoke" (1955) - Review & Commentary
The first ever episode of Gunsmoke aired 67 years ago today...


S15 E8 - "The Still"

0:40 oh God, it's Merry Florene again. Well, at least she looks hotter than in any of her other appearances. This episode looks super modern. Did they change cameras or something? It's like crystal fucking clear. It looks like it was shot in the '90s or something.

2:50 why does it look so clear and new??

4:50 this scene looks more classic... wonder if they're using 2 different cameras or what else might explain the difference in quality.

6:40 well, that's an incredibly male horse.

10:00 this is the last episode that features Merry Florene and Elbert Moses, thank God.

31:09 lmao this scene with the Marshal looking around all confused while Festus is talking to him. Definitely the only good part of this episode so far.

33:50 that sounded exactly like the iPhone text message ding.

36:06 "All girls wanna get married. But all they get's babies! It just don't make sense." Lol.
I will finish commentating on Gunsmoke at some point... it's my only project left undone on this domain. I can't proceed with commentary at this time as various elements must be in alignment for the messages contained therein to resonate in a meaningful way. There is no ETA on when this project will be finished, but I imagine it will probably be within the next two years.

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