Spider Poop: It's all over everything you own...
Nodding Yes 
It is.
You mad?

The smaller the spider, the smaller the poop...

You think you know, but you have no idea.

Don't shoot the messenger, for real.
You think there aren't any spiders in your house?? Sheeeiiitttt...


Get yourself a piece of duct tape, preferably two pieces attached together along the edge forming a sort of 3x3 inch piece of tape...

Put it sticky side up on the floor and leave it there for a week.

Ain't got no spiders huh?
They're everywhere...

I love them because they eat pests.

Once you get over them looking kinda freaky, it's easy to love spiders.
I had an encounter with a black house spider once...

They are such gentle spirits and super scared of being killed.

If we could see their tiny little faces instead of the overall heebie jeebie inspiring bodies, everyone would love spiders.
I ain't gonna lie and say I don't still kill them sometimes, I have a set of hard rules.

But usually I just leave them alone or rescue them if they're stuck in the tub/sink of doom, etc.

Or if they're just somewhere I don't really want them, I'll relocate them.

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