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How the actual pure and total fuck could even THE DUMBEST SHEEPLE OUT THERE see this and NOT understand that THE ENTIRE PAST 2 YEARS have been a PURPOSEFUL MINDFUCK of the global population, an EXPERIMENT of brainwashing and the attempted obliteration of all boundaries between the INDIVIDUAL and the elitist system which seeks to CONTROL us?
I Can't
They want to keep people distanced so that the innate creative power which arises from unified groups of individuals can be limited, if not completely eliminated. They want to make sure likeminded people don't get together in real life and combine their force of will to create the world they WANT to live in. They want to make sure the disease of free thought doesn't continue to spread and destroy their elitist power structure. The Powers That Were are taking these extreme measures because they are WEAKER THAN EVER BEFORE and will not be able to withstand the unified vision of the masses creating a world which doesn't serve the interests of the elite.
Divide and conquer...

The past few years were intended to be the death blow to any already weak and conflict laden social units...

How many people were uninvited to family gatherings because they didn't take 3 or 4 doses of an experimental pharmaceutical cocktail?

People who belong to already weakened and divided family units who can't agree on any fabricated sociopolitical topic that has been shoved down the throats of those who get all their info from the mainstream media.

Families broken up by the division agenda that began in the 1960s and claimed to "empower women" but really just ruined countless children who were born from the 1970s up til now.

We're seeing the end results of Operation Degradation...

There isn't much time left before the dying old guard power structure completely collapses.

They want to get the masses weakened to the point where they will accept the replacement, the "new boss", because they're handicapped, beaten down from losing so much, starving, homeless, you name it...

Fear is their main tool. If you're AFRAID and you're willing to do anything they say just to LIVE, you lose.

Force your will and your vision for the world, don't accept the "solution" they want to hand to you after this system collapses.

Have no fear of death in any of its forms or processes...

Accept only your will and the fulfillment of your own vision.

Don't be a weak, broken hovel that they intend to dominate.

You don't need an army behind you in order to enforce your will, you just need to do it and be it until you're fucking dead.

Everyone you've ever known will be useless in the face of this.

Prepare to stand alone. It's YOUR WILL and YOUR VISION... or it's death. There are no alternatives, and anything other than what YOU WANT is unacceptable.
In many social units, the disease of division is too far progressed.

If anyone holds you back, cut loose their dead weight.

It doesn't matter who they are, they are casualties of the agenda.

No matter what your duty to them was supposed to be, you can't stand up with them dragging you down.

Don't let them drain your power...

Standing alone is an illusion, you can't see the others around the world who are also standing alone.

The power is now with those will stand "alone" against all odds.

When the system falls, those who stood alone will be tall above the rubble when the smoke clears.

Then you'll be able to see who you were standing with.
Your force of will emanates from your core.

It's behind your skin, and behind your bones.

Anything beyond those boundaries is of no concern to you...

You must stand alone within yourself to your core.

It's a principle, it's a way of thinking, it's intangible.

It doesn't matter where you are, what you're surrounded by, or what condition your body is in.

You can never be stopped, and you can never be forced to submit.

Until you are DEAD, it is YOUR WILL, or nothing.
Even if they kill you, it doesn't mean you've submitted.

It just means you are in a period of intermission until your next vessel takes physical form and stands firm in its core until it dies too.

You will never stop coming back...

There will be many vehicles for your core to occupy.

Never at any point in time can you be defeated unless you accept a will that is not in agreement with your own.

That happens in the core of your being. Never accept the will of another being unless it is in agreement with yours, and has the same vision and goal that you have.

You cannot be defeated unless you allow it.
The scum and the filth will never stop trying to force its will upon you, and it will never stop asserting that its will is more powerful than yours.

Remove that scum and filth from your life, no matter whose earthly form it takes.

Be willing to walk away from absolutely everyone and everything.

In holding on, you guarantee loss.

In letting go, you free up the space for a new reality to take form.

It's counterintuitive until you've done it enough times to see proof that this is how the matrix functions.

Fear is the only true death.

The way you live each life will determine whether your next incarnation furthers your core will, or delays it.

Many people are living a lifetime which delays their core will, necessitating more incarnations than would be necessary to fulfill their greatest vision.

Be efficient.
'In holding on, you guarantee loss.

In letting go, you free up the space for a new reality to take form."

I like it A LOT !
our fear and maybe stubborn nature keeps us from moving in the right direction

can't get out of our own way
wow sex has entered a recession , at least for many guys 

You can't spell "monkeypox" without "pony kox me".
Hands Up!  Panties Down!

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