RUSSIANS know what time it is !
laugh all you want but we are dealing with SATANISTS trying to rip apart the motherland and steal her resources  ...
lol, the older guy @ 4:20 telling this young wokester to  go  down to recruitment center  and quit being a coward 
that being said I admire this kids brazen street interviews amidst such fervor , another vlogger(Niki Proshin) doing similar interviews was slapped across the head - he ended up leaving for Turkey

See? Even the Russians know Washington is chock full of satanists.
Then there is shit like this which makes me think putin is in the big WEF circle jerk and just playing his role as ‘bad cop’ right now … just so discouraging
I was eaten by polar bear in previous incarnation so it is difficult to watch these carefree playfull animal

Right at the moment I live on Disko island near Greenland , there is many hot springs if you enjoy such things , make your way to this place there is magic
bored  Russian pilots playing with cruise missiles 

Basically they telling us to go fuck ourselves, lol
They lovin that dirt villager vibe


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