PSA: Going into the light when you die might be a bad idea...
What would the incentive be for someone like Madame Blavatsky to feed the loosh harvesters though?
Admittedly I don't know a ton about Blavatsky so I'm not sure if you're referencing something specific that might be tongue in cheek...

But I think there's been a boatload of ignorance to the way shit works going on here for a long time, and I don't necessarily fault anybody for putting out wrong info.

I mean it's only the most mystifying topic that actually exists, period. Sooo... yeah, misconceptions are understandable.
Any respected occultist, not Blavatsky in particular.
What does loosh taste like? Asking for a friend.
It seems like the different psychedelics have their own gatekeeper characters...

For DMT (for those who are still alive, not NDEs, not bodies in a state of shutdown) it's the "machine elves"...

With salvia, it's the "Green Lady" or "Lady Salvia"...

So if the NDE is just a DMT trip in the brain of the dying, maybe this explains why the 'gatekeeper' is ALWAYS 'the light' and a lot of times even takes the form of a being, often a man.
It all sounds VERY matrixy and programmed to me.


(10-17-2022, 09:29 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: I mean, the euphoria NDE people talk about definitely does sound like drugs... we know DMT is produced in the brain upon death.

If it's a trip JUST confined to the last vestiges of consciousness for that person, then there would obviously be no harm in going into the light.

If it's just a trip in the brain and it ends once the body starts getting cold etc., then the end of the experience probably IS going into the light, and it probably is inevitable.


Then going into the light could be optional, there could be more to explore, there could be work that is possible in that 'in between' realm.

(10-21-2022, 10:09 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

19:05 in the second video he says the neurologist verified that there was no brain activity while he was having this experience, which would suggest that it may not be just a DMT trip happening in the brain. Either they can't detect the kind of activity that happens in the brain at that time, or these people really were straight up dead and in another dimension/plane of existence.

I'd never heard an NDE story where the brain activity (or lack thereof) was monitored and verified to be nonexistent while the experience was going on.
How does Purgatory play into this?

Maybe, you hang around Purgatory if you don't want to continue the cycle.
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Yeah but my question is, can you LEARN and advance and LEVEL UP when you're in purgatory or are you trapped with no end in sight?

I should really go and read what the Bible says about this...

Quote:Matthew 5:26 Truly, I say to you, you will never get out till you have paid the last penny.

The "prison" alluded to in verse 25 is purgatory, while the "penny" represents the most minor sins that one commits.

But I've always seen Sheol as the real purgatory in the Bible, those verses in that above article are way too vague.

Quote:Toward the end of the Old Testament, God revealed that there will be a resurrection of the dead. Sheol will devour no longer; instead God will swallow up Death. The faithful will be rewarded with everlasting life while the rest will experience eternal contempt. This theology developed further in the intertestamental period.

But it makes it sound like the dead hang around in Sheol and don't do anything and just wait for the final judgement.
I want there to be action and advancement opportunities in the 'ghost mode' realm... if you don't choose to go into the light immediately, there should be other things to do.
All those ghosts who were haunting you might have been trying to tell you something.
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I mean, it was never a mystery what they were trying to tell me, lol.

But the fact that they were interacting raises some questions...

If we're looking at ghosts as a "stain on spacetime" and they're not really interacting, we're just interpreting certain actions they made when they were alive (like walking down the hall, etc.)...

Then how do you explain the interactions?? If everything happens and is recorded WHILE we're alive, then they would have had to know I was there and therefore made a choice to interact with me. So what, were they psychic or something??

If you look at it from the "everything is happening at the same time" perspective where nothing is constrained by time/space, then the ability to interact makes sense.

I know for absolute certain that there were disembodied conscious entities interacting with me, and some of them I could tie to actual people who had lived and died.

I dunno... I'm not sure what the answer is. But I absolutely do not believe people are actually walking around in 'ghost form' watching our lives and shit. No way.
It sounds like remote viewing or astral travel.

Maybe the ghosts are people who have crossed over want to look back into this world.
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Hands Up!  Panties Down!

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