Fake spoliers in YouTube movie comment sections...
I have seen a few of them and they are ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS.

It mostly happens on the free to watch movies...


I'm sure it's been a thing for a while, but I only recently saw some of these fake spoilers...

So I'll choose a movie and sometimes I'll scroll down through the comments to see if people are saying it sucks...

And I'll try to kinda keep an eye out for possible spoilers so I can skip over them...

But sometimes the shit catches your eye, and it's usually super concise and unavoidable.

I've seen a few and been kinda bummed thinking that someone actually just straight up posted spoilers, and it was only at the end of the movie that I figured out it was TOTAL BS!!!

Rofl, it's just THE MOST innocuous thing ever and I absolutely love it.

I feel like fake spoilers are the distilled essence of what the internet was originally meant to be.
Like in one of the movies I watched recently, there was a priest character who appeared in one of the first scenes. He didn't appear in the movie again until like the VERY end, and he basically had nothing to do with the plot whatsoever. The fake spoiler in the comments said "I CAN'T BELIEVE THE PRIEST KILLED ALL THOSE PEOPLE" and it really was in all caps. ROFLMFAOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!

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