Kanye West, Alex Jones, and Nick Fuentes walk into a super cold broadcast studio...

My favorite funny part so far was 46:38 when Ye called his prayer "very profound" and "Ye level bars"...

I don't usually watch stuff anymore, but when I heard that this even happened, come on...

How could I not make an exception??

Lol Alex in tonight’s opening: “What we normally do is not wear gimp mask on air, and talk about how we love Hitler.”
That was almost Ye level bars
That's exactly why Alex Jones is so beloved... he says what people are thinking. I immediately thought "gimp suit" when I saw Kanye's getup and it took me a while to look past the whole thing, lmao, but Alex just straight opens the show with this observation, absolutely hilarious.

I'm sure that's what EVERYONE was saying about the outfit, but the earliest I could find of Kanye wearing that outfit was in Feb. 2022. I was pretty offended at first thinking he just did it specifically to appear on InfoWars, but no, he's been seen wearing it before.
I think Kanye is crazy as fuck, but he's harmless and he should be allowed to say whatever he wants just like everyone else. He's right about mostly everything he says, besides the obviously stupid shit. That's my professional opinion.

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