Just saw X-Men: Apocalypse...
It was fucking EPIC.

Quicksilver is now my favorite of the X-Men. All his parts in this movie were epic... they must really like Evan Peters. Who can blame them?!

Apocalypse was amazing though. Very sexy. He had some good quotes... this one's my favorite:

"The weak have taken the earth. The less. I was betrayed."

Pretty sure that's what he said...

I was touching myself the whole time and sometimes when I cum too hard my ears start ringing. Is that bad? Does that need its own thread?
It's old now, but really? It wasn't great as far as the comic storyline goes.

Okay SoPHIe Turner is hot. And Magneto is still my favorite.

They should really make a Magneto movie, but with the infinity war story line in play Marvel has it's plate full.

Did you see the Thor Ragnarok movie? I liked it.
I don't watch that many new movies...

X-Men is kind of a special thing to me, I just watch them whenever a new one comes out.

But considering all the shit that's been going on in Hollywood lately, I dunno that I will watch the next one.

I don't like Jennifer Lawrence, she's shown her true cunt colors.

Magneto is of course the favorite, but who knows what kind of shit Michael Fassbender is into in real life.

None of them give me any incentive to watch the new crap.
I will reiterate that Apocalypse was sexy as fuck and makes me horny though.

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