The entire internet is hacked...
It has been for years...

TPTB have been keeping it undercover though...

It would cause massive widespread panic if people knew the level to which everything is compromised.

And it hasn't been hacked by alphabet agencies...

This has been done by the 'underground'. Just regular people, genius coders, etc.

Every single device, be it computers, phones, smart appliances...

It's all hacked. Anything that is hooked up to WiFi connection etc., it's compromised.

Absolutely everything.

So the thing is...

TPTB have kill switches set to take out the internet if the shit hits the fan.

Trying to buy out these rogues who have everything hacked to bits hasn't always worked...

In fact, it usually doesn't work.

The best they've been able to do is catch the ones who are breaking federal law and then get them to work for them as informants. That hasn't gone well. A lot of these hacker types who are willing to boldly break the law are mentally ill... they get recruited as informants, and then they play dumb.

There are a few plans TPTB have been mulling over. They have been considering rolling out an "Internet 2" which will be the Google/Facebook type system where you have one main account (tied to your actual identity), and you use that account to access all the "safe" Internet 2 sites which will be the internet ghettos that already exist. Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.

They will start a massive brainwashing campaign to put it in the global consciousness that Internet 1, the original internet, is now totally non-secure, and all the sites with stores etc., will be totally fucked if they're not willing to come into compliance to run on Internet 2. No one will use any kind of check-out because they'll be afraid their info will get stolen.

If you aren't willing to associate your real identity in order to run a website on Internet 2... then you won't be doing it. Internet 2 will also have a "score" system like they have in China. If you go against the grain and have "unpopular ideas", you will have a shitty score on Internet 2, and your business will suffer.

The unfortunate thing is... it's true. Even at this point, it's true that all of the internet is compromised and no one's information is actually safe. It all comes down to you as an individual. Are you on somebody's radar? Are you a public figure? Is it just that you use your real name on Facebook and everyone can find that info? If you piss off the wrong people... even in the current online climate, you're not safe. If you pop up on somebody's radar, and that information is freely available... you're gonna get fucked with.

If Internet 2 gets rolled out... the original internet will be just like IRC is today. A total degenerate mess that only the worst of the worst and the craziest of the crazy still use. 

The issue with Internet 2 will be... it will also be hacked to the point that the current internet is, about 5 times faster than it took this version of the internet to become this compromised. Therefore... it is not actually a solution.

TPTB know that.

Internet 2 only buys time. And not enough time to make it truly worth it.

So the other idea they've been considering is a piece of hardware to act as another firewall basically. It'll be in addition to the modem and the router. That type of thing. It's actually more efficient and more effective than rolling out Internet 2 would be. 

Regardless... they will still try to enact a real identity association and an individual ratings system. It won't go over well. And without putting it in conjunction with a necessity of "Internet 2"... it won't be successful. They'll consider associating the new hardware with the real identity tied to the internet service customer, which will be a much more accepted condition. People will still be pissed about it.

As I said... TPTB have not had a lot of luck recruiting the hackers to be on their team. However, they have gotten a few to come over to the dark side. People who have enough expertise and know enough to be powerfully traitorous to the other hackers who didn't sell out.

TPTB are trying a whole lot of different methods... they're doing a lot of damage control. They're buying as much time as they can. But at the same time, things are happening on the internet that they can't control, things they hate and things that are really getting out of hand. It's hard to tell what they're going to do... but whatever it is, it won't be fast and dramatic, unless a few bad seeds out there decide to make some serious problems. The only reason that those 'bad seeds' don't act out is pretty simple...

They're addicted to the internet ;)
nsa/cia/etc have had backdoors built in to windows for a very, very long time. the vault 7 release a month ago exploited some of those, and this widescale ransomware seems to be based on that stuff. the vast majority of the vulnerabilities discovered by black hats were placed there intentionally. microsoft will occasionally patch up one of these holes and create another at the same time.

you can't run a win 95 or xp machine online anymore. they are exploited within 10 minutes or so. those exploits were in since release. 7/8/10 is no different. mac os isn't much different.
"it won't be fast and dramatic" ... unless the global banks, stock exchanges are hacked into and all files deleted yeah they have back up storage but it also must have weak points ... if i was looking to commit the ultimate dr. evil doomsday that is the attack i would prepare for , but realistically i believe our own NSA/PENTAGON people will engineer this type of attack when they are ready to scrap the current unsustainable debt ridden global banking system and integrate all countries into a global currency - that cannot and won't be done peacefully .
i always figured the proper evil genius way of attacking the world would be to detonate something around yellowstone.

i wouldn't be surprised to see a series of attacks or false flags on the net in their attempt to clamp down on free and open speech just prior to a [or a series of] events.

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