Invisible People: Exposing homelessness on the streets of the US and Canada

Excellent YouTube channel...

Some of these peoples' stories are just heartbreaking.

Billions pumped into useless wars, but our people are homeless... including veterans.

This young woman died 2 years after this interview... she was hit by a train. She was to testify at a murder trial, and some believe she was killed because of it.

This man's girlfriend was killed inside a garbage truck... she had been sleeping in a dumpster:

'stock market and bitcoin at record highs , celebrate the madness ! ' - house of satan

Very interesting people out there...

Fascinating things to say...

Interest rates though... and the value of real estate


This guy addresses the people who are satisfied to live homeless and get resources. I have to say, I have run across some people on this channel who I think probably fit that category...


This is exactly what I was talking about on this thread...

(05-24-2017, 10:04 PM)MO Wrote: Some trauma can escape the memory for a matter of time, or indefinitely.
She died on the streets 3 weeks after this interview:

Our elderly are homeless, but we need to take in refugees... yeah that totally fucking makes sense huh?

Fucking sick.

Great channel...

And this is probably one of the best interviews.

No one should be homeless in this country, or anywhere else in the world.

The fact that anyone is homeless is the epitome of human selfishness.

8:09... if you've got a dry eye after that kind of truth right there, you don't have a soul.

You can tell this lady has gypsy heritage by looking at her.

She has some pretty interesting things to say.

It's fascinating how people end up in these situations and the things they rig up to live in.

I feel like some of these situations are genetic, bloodline related... others would call it 'karma' but I see that term in a different way, so it doesn't apply to what I'm talking about here.

Incarnation cycles, soul patterns... certain experiences souls jump into over and over.

I believe it's all by choice on a higher level... BEFORE incarnating, these scenarios are chosen. Because life here is like a game, that's all it is to the disembodied soul... it's looked at with that much seriousness.

As terrible as some of these situations are while we're down here in the game... the truth is we all choose to come into whatever we ultimately end up in.
Crazy shit for sure!!!

This game low key sucks.

Just being honest!!!
Added to favs
Thanks <3
How can we choose what happens to us as babies. Sorry but i think the whole karma thing is kookoo. I was doing what i usually do yesterday...reading about serial killers. Anyhow this one dude enjoyed watching others suffer so much that in between killing humans he adopted 15 puppies and would tale care of each for a month or so then hit them in the head with a hammer. I believe we are all in a bigass video game and shit is uploaded into our heads and we follow commands. But i do like reading others opinions/beliefs and associated reasoning. Have a good life and watch out for hammertime

Homeless because both parents died, damn
Kid Ill take you in

awww man homelessness sucks
I hate when people are mean to them, as if they arent dealing with enough
I always buy them hot meals when I see them, its not much but if everyone did a little something it would add up

and yeah it is possible to help without making a fucking video of it, OMFG I cant stand when people do that!!!!!! totally rude! Give them some respect
Awww Im stealing her too


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