Massive fire breaks out in 24 story London apartment building...
It hasn't collapsed because it wasn't rigged with demolition style explosives like the WTC was.

It was just rigged with highly flammable cladding.
Firefighters told to write their names on their helmets before entering...

When MSM asked a firefighter if they could use his photo in their article he replied, "Nope, not in your shitrag."
"He said he had been told to stay inside, stay in one room together and put towels under the door."

Wonder who told him that?

"We went down stairs, but when we got outside Isaac wasn’t there. I saw the neighbour and said, ‘Where’s my son?’ He said he’d left him."

Good God.

"'She said she had been told to stay inside her flat,' he said."

"No sprinklers, no alarms, nothing. It was quiet."

"He said he only saw approximately seven people exit the complex . . ."

"The official advice seems to have been to stay inside your flat."

"'The advice to remain in our properties would have led to certain fatalities,' [November 2016 Newsletter states] 'We are calling on our landlord to reconsider.'"

"It seems that when the firefighters arrived on the scene, they too advised some residents to stay put."

"Having been told by police to stay in her flat, she had ignored them, running down the stairs to safety with her children."
"He knocked on the door, and he said there was a fire in his flat. When we got up, I saw outside his flat his luggage – there was a big bag with his clothes. That means he took the stuff from his flat, and then he told the neighbors."

Do I really even need to say anything about this?
1:41 "Where the fire escape leads to was the side of the building where the fire started."

People freaking out so hard... so traumatized by seeing all the people waving out the windows while the smoke just gets worse and slowly realizing how grim the situation really is.

Very sad...

Hard for the firefighters to deal with that too. People mad and in total panic.

Black smoke coming out of the window behind the guy on the 11th floor... dude recording asking why he can't jump/what's below him. People just don't think clearly in situations like that.

19:50... such a terrible situation for everyone involved.

21:00 he starts talking on the phone to a guy who's trapped in the building.

24:40, he's still on the phone with the guy and he starts trying to go up the fire escape and the firefighters stop him.

Witness said there was a smoke alarm but basically it was too faint to wake anybody up. It sounds like the other guy said, there wasn't an integrated system of smoke alarms so random ones were just going off in some areas.

It really becomes clear watching this that they slapped the flammable cladding on it as basically the only 'renovation'... and considering how hazardous the material is known to be, it sounds like they WANTED it to burn. It really does.

And all residents told to stay in place, those were the rules in 2016 when this work was done... that was really drilled into their heads.

2:23 on Saturday the fire brigade came around and checked alarms, etc. They briefed tenants on the protocol, rehashing that they were to put towels under the doors and stay inside.

But of course that's just coincidence.

But it was only impoverished muslims and black people who lived in that building, so nobody talk about how suspicious it was.
It started in an apartment, got out the window and spread up the cladding...

Fire spread from the outside in.

This woman is saying there are at least 100 dead and the media basically tells her to STFU because they don't want that number getting out.

I know they are following protocol and can't officially release numbers until they've collected bodies or whatever the case... but I have to agree with these people who are pissed off.
Lily Allen, who is admittedly a total idiot, says that authorities told her the number is toward 150.


He basically tells her to STFU too.

Richest borrow in the city 'or the world'...

You think those people give a flying fuck about murdering over 100 people?

Fuck no they don't. And they have enough money to make questions go away too. Or at least majorly suppress info.
It's sick and people are not talking about this...

"Regular" people are talking about it...

But nobody with any clout in the media is talking about how suspicious this incident was.

I'm disappointed in basically everybody in the media... all of the media.
(06-14-2017, 09:51 PM)MO Wrote: "He knocked on the door, and he said there was a fire in his flat. When we got up, I saw outside his flat his luggage – there was a big bag with his clothes. That means he took the stuff from his flat, and then he told the neighbors."

Do I really even need to say anything about this?

And just who the fuck was this guy??

He was one of the FIRST PEOPLE TO GET OUT, that's who he was.

Haven't heard diddly fucking squat from him, have we?

Nobody seems to know who that guy is.

Who was he?
Behailu Kebede alerted neighbors after the fire started in his apartment...


They cover the building in highly flammable cladding and just wait for a nice organic fire to start and take care of the rest.

That's the more innocent of the possibilities, and that's pretty fucking bad.
Fireproof cladding cost $8000 more...

'Richest area' in London 'or the world' (according to that news guy in the Lilly Allen video) but NOOOOO, they couldn't swing that extra $8000.
Concerned over the "placement" of GAS PIPES...

"A ruptured gas main in the block had to be isolated before fire crews were able to put the blaze out "

This woman says pipes were sticking out inches from the walls.

So they covered the building in flammable material and strategically placed gas pipes.
"Investigations are focused on gas pipes recently installed, which residents complained had not been boxed in with fire retardant material despite assurances they would be."

The configuration was documented to cause a "chimney effect" and maximize area of damage.

Clearly mass murder.
A curious oddity...

Two different stories about the guy whose 'refrigerator' was responsible for the fire...

Maryam Adam doesn't describe the man. But Samira Lamrini describes him as a 'slim, tall, white British man'.

A stark contrast to Behailu Kebede, who is said to have occupied the apartment where the fire started:

People have speculated the second witness was trying to 'pin the fire on a white man'. But according to the wording, the order of descriptors, his build, his height, stated before his race... I'm not sure about that.

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