Cindy Currier: The New and Improved Nancy Lieder!!!
That’s the only way I’d drink my urine.
Something tells me that most of the benefits of drinking urine are from drinking it while it’s warm.

If you’re dehydrated you’re not even going to make that much urine. It’s dumb to think your own piss is an endless supply of hydration.
My qualm with the concept of straight up drinking piss is that, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t come naturally. It really doesn’t. The ONLY time it would occur to you to drink your own piss is if you were stranded without ANY water, life or death situation. That’s it. The only reason people have been doing it at all is cuz they heard some whackadoodle like Cindy tout its greatness.
No offense, Cindy.
Could you imagine if we could roll back the clock 30 years and have Cindy with all her charms go out there and man hunt...

The crazy shit she could talk men into doing!!! ROFL!!!
Dancing Banana 
“I love you... but I just can’t marry you unless you drink it!”
That smile. That soothing voice. Those sparkling eyes. Cindy might be able to talk me into drinking my own piss... not gonna lie.

All Cindy talks about lately is pedos.

I mean I get it but...

It's just kind of a drag, she should fit in other topics too.
I feel like this woman should hook up with lucian ilea . She could help us understand wtf he is on about maybe . Plus they would make a sexy couple
Lucian's long awaited sugar momma!!!


Cindy and her friend Jen...

It's not really my cup of tea, like I don't know where these YouTubers get off thinking anybody they drag into their content is gonna be welcome.


“Uncomprehendable” isn’t even a fucking word... now look, sometimes I’m guilty of spelling things the way I WANT TO rather than the “right” way. But DAMN. In THIS case, the REAL word is so much better. Incomprehensible sounds way better but even ASIDE FROM THAT...

This song is a bunch of fucking mind control. It just sounds like a bunch of brainwashing. You can’t even focus on what she’s saying because the tracks aren’t equalized right. All you can hear is her saying “Uncomprehendable” over and over again...

Double Facepalm

Like please fucking stop.

The video/lyrics are a bunch of fucking overcomplicated word vomit.

Absolutely obnoxious and definitely the worst work Cindy’s ever done.

The picture on this video is really cute, I like the pretty sunset or sunrise or whatever.

How is Cindy talking to her friend though?? On an actual phone??

You can tell Cindy totally called her friend FIRSSST thing in the morning so she could ecstatically discuss this, and her friend totally doesn't sound like she really wants to talk about it or like it's too early or she just wasn't planning to talk today or something.

2:55 AHA, see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God I'm so damn motherfucking good it's totally insane.
Some of Cindy's videos are being posted on the Epstein thread...

Miniature ongoing Cindy discussion.
imagine this woman as your mother and putting you to bed and the bizarre bedtime stories she would tell you , for me it would have been therapy for others simply a nightmare

SHE DOES HAVE A NICE WHISPER VOICE , plus i like the crazy chicks
(08-17-2019, 04:41 PM)Guest Wrote: plus i like the crazy chicks

ME TOOOOO!!!!!!!

I LOVE 'EM CRAZY!!!!!!!!



0:50 agh... Cindy is so shit of bats insane.

This retarded shit is making me wanna straight up unsub from Cindy's channel.
She's never seemed more suspicious than she does now making these ignorant face comparison videos.

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