Random memories... what is the deeper meaning?
Do you ever have seemingly totally random memories? I mean, you're doing something wholly unrelated to the memory, yet the random memory comes to the forefront?

Memories from last year, or several years ago, memories from childhood... all totally random, with seemingly no attachment to the current moment/experience whatsoever.

What causes this? What triggers random memories? Is it a smell? A physical sensation? A series of words? 

Is it something more complex? The random nature of the memories, being of events that are basically impossible to place a specific date on... is it a time correlation? Is it a cyclical correlation? Is it an energetic correlation? What could possibly spark random memories at times which are seemingly unrelated on every level?
associative network theory, maybe, "random" is a boring word, might aswell make up deeper meanings instead of just calling things random
I don't really think smell is the reason either considering the difference in setting, the memory vs. reality.

For example in the memory, you're standing in a parking lot, but in the now you're laying in bed. There is no smell association.

I will go further and say that I have plenty of smell association memories and they are all well recognized as specifically being associated with smell. There's no mystery.

I believe it's either a time/cyclical or energetic correlation.
Relevance bump...

ha...i like your randomness, there is no need for a deeper meaning.

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