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(03-27-2020, 01:26 AM)Guest Wrote: And you ARE a gaseous being, as you fart A LOT.

*moans in ecstasy*

(03-27-2020, 01:26 AM)Guest Wrote: I was electrocuted too you know, by accident.

If you ever wanna talk about it, I'm here.
It was no big deal. I was getting trained how to put a pc together and my boss had the power turned on by accident when she asked me to start screwing it (with a screwdriver) which jolted me up against the wall (as I was sitting on the floor) with high speed freight train velocity. You know it was like 22 years ago when I was like 25. Yeah that’s right, rite, write. There’s nothing wrong with me at all. Ok I better get back to channeling Aquaman. Below is a music video for your enjoyment needs. If anyone wants to pay me for this comment they can send a BTC amount to this address: 1MUCJyEV8XEv9ygbFYcYVcttnTyq5GfrK 

(03-27-2020, 05:20 AM)Guest Wrote: she


Horatio Sunglasses
That dumb bitch got you electrickmocuted!!!!!!!!!!

So at what point did you realize you were psychically connected to all the other people who have ever been electrocuted??

Mini Dancing Banana
To be fair she was only partly to blame. I should have been more aware. The pc was being turned on and off all the time during the session and it was just that one time she forgot and I kinda hastily jumped in. Maybe I subconsciously wanted it and maybe she subconsciously passed some abuse onto someone in her care, since later I found out she was abused as a child. It was a perfect storm really.

I didn’t know about people being psychically connected electromocutedly until I read about it here. But I do have a love of thunderstorms. A few years ago I was caught after nightfall in a severe thunderstorm on a long hike. I was atop the ridge in the pouring rain, literally inside the cloud when the loudest crack of thunder spliced the sky. My God. The powerful ego shattering that caused as I submitted in awe as it slowly grinned it’s way along, acknowledging my worship. I guess that was my point of realisation I was in communication with something. I was concerned about how I would get back to my car in the dark moonless drench fest with no torch or phone light as I was about an hour away. But luckily the lightning flashes picked up pace becoming almost rapid fire and I was able to see my way down the mountain with relative ease.

Oh and I’m trying out this name now. It’s derived from melancholic and jolly but at the same time!
Oh so you're one of them thar HIKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

I usually can't relate to you guys, but so far so good this time!?


I'd like to make sex with Rex.

I love the sand dunes.
Hey i think those dunes was where chris watts and his evil mistriss nichole kessinger(who has since disappeared) were boarding a few weeks before chris killed his family .
Hey just tryin to add some levity.

14:14 it actually is super gorgeous. No way I'd be walking around out there at night without a gun though.

Holy shit man... check out this footage.

Chimney Rock National Monument...

Wow man. So many fucking amazing landmarks in America.
I personally fucking love America.
2:40 what WAS the original purpose of this area though???

God bless Rex for being an example of how to live right in a time like this...

He just keeps traveling and going along as normal and this is what people need to do...

Even more people than ever did before.
He needs to start living in his van though lmao not sure what the fuck he's doing bullshitting around with hotels.
That van is just fucking massive, there is no excuse.
3:32 discrimination against the mentally ill... that shit shouldn't be tolerated. I dunno about legalities of trying to sell shit in the parking lot of a business, lmao. But kick him out of the hotel? Come on.
(05-30-2020, 03:25 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: 3:32 discrimination against the mentally ill... that shit shouldn't be tolerated. I dunno about legalities of trying to sell shit in the parking lot of a business, lmao. But kick him out of the hotel? Come on.

I completely agree. The legalities depend on a lot of variables of course. He shouldn't have tried shine blocking.
Now the reality of the situation he's in reminds me of a philosopher who took his notions to music.

(08-12-2017, 01:07 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: 8:10...

Holy shit Rex is so full on truth.

I've been red pilled for half my life and I'm still mindblown when this shit clicks.


lol... I'm sorry but why doesn't anyone see this whole "red pill" stuff is for yesmen and slaves? Neo was so dumb he only saw 2 choices when there were actually four. 

Poor guy, they make him look stupid in almost every film he's in. Some would have grabbed both pills and take them at the same time just to see what happens despite

give a "binary" question. LOL
(05-30-2020, 03:23 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: That van is just fucking massive, there is no excuse.

I know. He could actually fit a "live" female in it! I think I saw
a youtube documentary about a couple that did that. I didn't watch it
but it sounded like a not so crazy and novel idea. I wonder if they got 
the idea from one of those reality shows they used to have. Without 
running a search I don't know if reality shows are still a thing.

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