Leak Project
I didn't realize they had an entire channel together...

It's called "Fast Awake", 8k subs...


Check out this vid!

LOL @ the porno music and the totally transparent attempt to whore off Penelope's looks!!!

Legendary. Fucking legendary. Looks like Rex is doing something truly exciting again, lmfaolol.

Looks like they've been involved for at least 6 months according to that channel and who knows how long before that.

I'm sure Rex's wife knew shit was over when he went nuts for Heidi back in the day, but it still must suck for her. They've wanted to split up for at least a decade though, so whatevs.


Looks like there are some motherfuckers looooosing their fucking miiiiiiiiinds out there, lmfao, TRIPPIN' BALLS.
Here's her IG...





The last one is from June...

What the fuck?

Now I'm like... mega confused.
And I mean look who's NOWHEEEEERRRREEEEEEEEE on her page. AT ALL.


Nowhere on her page at all.

Maybe they're NOT an item??

But they totally gotta be... they gotta be. Right??

That's not like... some casual/friends level shit going on between them, that's definitely something more.
It might be just a podcast duo. I just feel like he could do so much better. Not to be mean, because looks aren't everything I know. But... the least attractive woman I've dated blows her out of the fucking water, and Rex more or less blows ME out of the water, so I'm just doing the math here, not trying to judge the woman.

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