Leak Project
(01-25-2018, 12:40 AM)MO Wrote:
God I love these dudes.

41:17 absolutely excellent point made by Rex...

There absolutely are these ancient creature/beings who sleep for thousands of years and then wake and feed.

They play around on the earth during that sleep, and this is essentially their 'dream world'.

Sad Nana

14:45 I fucking love Rex so much I literally want to cry, OMG.
His custom hats look so badass. SO BADASS.
So proud of Rex, I can't even tell you. OMG. So proud of him.

Book of Dzyan By Madam Helena Petrovna Blavatsky...


24:06 - 25:10 ... This is the truth of reality. Rex basically explains existence and reality in every single video. It's absolutely amazing.

Check out the hat!!!

Dude Rex is fucking amazing, he's legitimately invented a proverbial 'tin foil hat' that advertises Leak Project and looks cool AF at the same time.


I am so damn proud of this guy.

Rex got a bitchin' new camera that tracks him!!!

That's so awesome!!!

Rex is so fun and cool and sexy!!!
How in the fuck did he get 70 meals for 70 bucks? Im going to rob his house.



(06-08-2017, 12:00 AM)MO Wrote: https://arc.aiaa.org/doi/abs/10.2514/8.1...lCode=bais


The moon is pumice.


"Water exploded violently out of the rupture" ... it blasted with such force into space.

Rex is so fun.

I wouldn't mind being stuck in grandma's garage with him for 6 months.

Very interesting video from Rex, as always.

But it's always strange to me how people get so paranoid about the moon and it's like they can't feel the energy of the moon and what it even is.

All this talk about the eons and eras of earth existence...

Like the video on this thread from earlier:


It makes me think about the races...

In this video Rex is talking about the "moon colored" beings in these writings, and how they were killed all in a cataclysm. So that would be like gray skinned people.

It makes me think that over eons of existence on this planet there have been people with all colors of skin.

And like Gigi was saying in the above linked video, earth has been at different frequencies throughout these eras, meaning that things like sizes and colors of everything would be different, densities would be different...

Meaning that right now we're in an era of earth where humanity are all different tones of brown... from cream colored to dark. That's the era/frequency we're in right now.

21:13 I agree with Rex so much. I think we really need to understand our own planet instead of trying to leave it behind and colonize Mars etc. (which is a futile effort anyway).
12:43 - 12:46 lol
(02-06-2018, 06:43 PM)MO Wrote: 21:13 I agree with Rex so much. I think we really need to understand our own planet instead of trying to leave it behind and colonize Mars etc. (which is a futile effort anyway).

Think about what could be down on the ocean floors.

8:09 Rex is FUCKING adorable.

Rex is so right on, it's amazing.

Love you so much Rex!

Rex is such a hottie.

I totally wanna bang!


Not Rex, but somebody.

Rex is married!

Like some shit out of a nightmarish sci-fi movie, ROFL!!!

I love Rex's long videos. I could just listen to him all day!!!

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