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I don't think Rex is digging van life all that much!!!


I love Rex's duct tape cowboy hat, he's so adorable.

Yeesh, looks like there's some nasty mold in Rex's old garage... glad he's getting the fuck out of there!!!

That Trump coin is awesome. I'm so supportive of Rex!

1:40 A DOZEN TIMES more massive than Jupiter.

9:06 LOLOL Rex is such a dork, love him!
LMFAO I love the excitement and joy in Rex's face when he reports on stuff like this...

That. Popped. Collar. Though.

On the real, Rex's sense of humor is off the fuckin' chain.

What a badass.

He's so excellent and he knows it.

He fucking knows it.

He's absolutely a great source.

He'll get close to the point of offers/selling out though...

Should be pretty soon.

Hopefully he'll make the right choices...

5:30 - 6:00 Rex is absolutely hilarious, this is why he's so great and likable.

He's gonna get to the level Alex Jones did in 20 years in probably half the time, if that.

Thanks to Alex Jones for pioneering the way.




Rex's videos are so good, he really has his system perfected.

4:00 he's trying to suggest that these moons were constructed and gives the pyramids as a comparison.

I still maintain that the whole 'fake moon' thing is ridiculous.

18:19 that's a trip!!!

18:31 that's the weirdest one yet.

22:42 ROFL.

23:00 he's about to touch on FRBs (fast radio bursts).

24:00 he's right it's all in the mind... we don't need technology to do it.
27:02 I totally agree with him about that... something, somewhere is watching us.

Micro/macro... the same thing is happening, on every level all throughout existence.

1:08:15 - 1:08:52 OMG is that TRUE?!?!?!?
Greg Allison is a good guest, he's always very interesting...

Definitely a character.
Who is this Daddy Warbucks lookin' motherfucker right here?

He looks like Kojak...


Not gonna lie, I skipped ahead in the video like 1:24:00 and it's like WTF did I just walk into the middle of???

1:25:30 this guy honest to God looks like he wants to punch Rex, it's like dude stop bragging about this other guy while I'm sitting right here listening to you blather on.


Seems like a great interview though. I don't do the doom thingy much anymore so... it's not that pertinent to me.

1:30:20 LOL this guy's just like okay well, Rex has got this for a couple minutes... I'm just gonna go make a hard drink.



This is beautiful, let's just be real and true and honest about it okay.
1:41:20 "vibrational frequency changes in the sun" are affecting consciousness...

1:48:50 is totally true...

Like a "Ghost in the Machine" type deal.

LMFAOMG, I almost bought the shirt Rex is wearing in this video at WalMart today! They didn't have a size small though, so I skipped out on it. It's legendary though, it says "This Just In: You're An Idiot". It's for the best I didn't land that shirt. I've called way too many people idiots in my time and I don't wanna go around wearing a shirt that just screams I'm an asshole. Rex wears it well though! Pretty sure I've never heard Rex even call somebody an idiot!?

2:22 LOL, love this guy. You said it, brother, fuck TV! Great work Rex.

3:54 WalMart shut stores huh? Whew... that's some hardcore shit right there folks, I know I'd be getting the fuck out!

4:41 Rex is such a hardworking online entrepreneurial fellow, I really respect the shit out of that.

5:51 I bet it's almost impossible to get ANY supplies right now, ANYWHERE in the vicinity.

I also really appreciate Rex's new add-in about reminding people not to be afraid.

Rex's video titles are starting to become a bit of a stretch, aren't they?

That whole stupid "end of the world" thing again, so ridiculous...

I just explained why in another thread the other day:

(09-15-2018, 12:30 PM)MO Wrote: I don't get the crowd who perpetually believe the world is "ending"...

Hey, I used to be one of those people.

What happened? TIME PROVED that the world ISN'T fucking ending.


How much time do people need to spend in that frame of mind before they realize it's not actually happening??

Took me a good 12 years...

But that mindset is FAR behind me now.

The world ISN'T ending and it's not GOING to "end"...

And even if humanity got wiped out, the world would still exist, the planet would exist, it isn't OVER.

The only way the world would "END" (technically) is if it literally got blown to bits, ENTIRELY.

Concepts of "Doom" are addictive... it releases chemicals in the brain.

There are ops out there which capitalize on fear... don't be a victim or a tool.

LOL, I love hearing Rex read this weird old shit.
Ancient Cuneiform Tablet Describes How the Anunnaki Created the Moon

“China to launch artificial moon into space to replace streetlights”


This is kind of an interesting show...

It's about solar cycles, the K Index, and conditions that could potentially lead to another Carrington Event.

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