The smell of books makes me high...
Not only do I enjoy seeing them, stroking them, adoring their many colors and pages and varying thicknesses...

I enjoy smelling them.

I like to fan through the pages and smell deeply of the aroma...

The gentle fan of the pages on my face, breathing deeply of the papery delight.

They have varying smells...

But they all smell so delicious...

So invigorating.

I fan the pages and sniff deeply and then let out a gratifiedĀ moan.

It makes me high.
I just bought some books from an estate sale that are leather bound and over 100 years old. They have a dank smell to them... but new books smell so good!
Yeah new books are so amazing...

I love the smell of old library books too though, that's super special.

100 years old and dank doesn't sound too great for the sniffing deeply aspect of things but...

Sounds really cool to have.

I love books, I just feel comforted by them.

I wish I had a phonograph and some records for it too.

Stuff that doesn't depend on electricity.

Haha, I know what you mean!
Oh my damn!!!

*bats eyes*

Nice book shelf!!!

*saunters over and flirts*

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