Kyle Odum Manifesto: Reptilians made him fap until he was raw and wanted to die...
(07-17-2021, 02:48 PM)Atma Wrote: Every once in a while you'll see a WalMart that isn't in the city, it's like out in the boonies and flanked by large swaths of undeveloped land, and there's always this military industrial complex vibe coming from it . . .

That's what the one where I lived looked like for a long time.
For several years after it was built circa 2000, it had an insane amount of static electricity and you'd get shocked the hell out of just walking through it at every point and turn... tell me there isn't something to that.
I think there is definitely something to that.

I think as the internet grew, the awareness of this grew, you started seeing yt videos of loud wind sounds and metal grinding, like some kind of deep subway system, coming from Walmarts, and with Hillary being one of the top board members for all those years, as her popularity waned the conspiracy ideas grew, so IF any of it was true, I'm sure they've made some changes to stay ahead of the general population's speculative prowess.

I have a theory or sense that something was already supposed to have happened, and it didn't happen, and now there are preparatory relics (like massive underground bases, etc.) left over from the non-event(s), which have either been destroyed or further obscured from public perception, preserved for later use, "just in case".
(07-28-2017, 06:24 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I can really relate to this.

I mean, honestly, ima keep this as PG as I can but ima just say that’s a whole ass mood.
Fuckin' ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone who faps that much should invest in a Fleshlight.

I mean beating your meat with callused man hands really isn't all that fun.
I get tennis elbow after a long session. I like to dress up in my fur suit for those occasions.

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