Lauren Southern is super gorgeous and highly intelligent...
She's not even hot enough to be dragging you all around by the dick this way...


Very suspicious.
I'm not making excuses for her. I haven't followed her in ages. Had no idea Patreon had canned her.

Fifty bucks per month for one creator isn't chump change if you're supporting several creators. Your attitude about other people's generosity not being good enough is the same as Lauren's. "I'm e-begging for donations to fund my channel, but don't bother contributing unless you're going to fork over a couple of hundred bucks." Gee, I wonder where people get the idea there are THOTs on the Internet.
My God man she was banned from Patreon in twenty fucking seventeen.

*shakes head*

You can't just go around saying shit like this and expect to be taken at face value for credibility about other shit...

Now I question you, which sucks.

But whatever...

The point is Lauren is being MASSIVELY (massively) funded and her looks alone don't explain it so the "THOT" argument really has no place here at all.
I'm just following the money, because when I see shit like this...

High quality film documentaries coming out of nowhere with puppets like Lauren at the helm...

Winning film awards and the whole nine yards.

Man oh man oh man...

Bad sign for the 'truth movement' on the internet in general.

Being infiltrated now by massive funding...

But it makes them easy to spot, so at least there's that.
(05-26-2019, 01:59 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: My God man she was banned from Patreon in twenty fucking seventeen.

That's about when I stopped following her. Sorry I don't follow people I stopped following just to keep tabs on their income.


Here's the site where she solicits funding for Borderless. Just because it's Patreon or some similar payment processor doesn't mean only basement dwellers are donating. There could be a lot of wealthy thirsty saps donating, as well as organizations whose agendas would be bolstered by her film.

If you really want to find out who her supporters are, pledge $50 a month to access the members only area of her site. In the absence of verified facts, speculating about her being compromised by the TPTB holds no more water than claiming all of her funds come from basement dwellers, even if it is a reasonable suspicion.
(05-26-2019, 02:15 PM)Guest Wrote: If you really want to find out who her supporters are, pledge $50 a month to access the members only area of her site. In the absence of verified facts, speculating about her being compromised by the TPTB holds no more water than claiming all of her funds come from basement dwellers, even if it is a reasonable suspicion.

Having to go to some private club on her own domain, LOL!!!

Whatever she had at Patreon I promise you she has at least 50% less with this method.

And it's awful to say that because I am so all about people having their own websites.

But it's just true.

I'm surprised at how fucking bad her grammar is on these posts...

If she's even writing them.

No way in hell she's receiving very much support through this...

Her funding is absolutely coming from somewhere else.

My guess is she met a sugar daddy and he's somewhere off screen...

Or she has simply been entirely sponsored by the world stage chess players who pit all the groups against one another to steer society and be entertained by the blood sports.

Either way...

She always bothered me and now I think it's a certainty she's wholly comprised which means she's just totally useless... a mere puppet.

And really it should have been glaringly obvious from the start since she launched from Rebel Media. LOL!
(05-26-2019, 02:31 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: My guess is she met a sugar daddy and he's somewhere off screen...

This "documentary people" group is made up of all the same people who run in the same circles...

Like Stefan Molyneux.

Their evolution into "documentary people" happened at around the same time wherein there was a very abrupt quality boost in Stefan's personal studio, and suddenly Lauren's videos became pro-shot documentaries.

Absolutely funded and sponsored, and absolutely a narrative being spun.
So how can we find out where the money is coming from? shrug
If we dug hard we could figure out the common links between Stefan, Black Pigeon Speaks, and Lauren...

It started with BPS and my guess is that it's either some type of company entity, or a single person name.

Time will absolutely tell... but in the interim it'd (for me) take some hard digging, surrounding people I've never truly been that interested in to begin with.

Stefan, I absolutely used to love...

So my guess is that he would be the easiest to link.

Maybe I will look into it.

But for now I'm just raising the red flag about the whole matter...

This will open up discussion about it and ultimately we will figure it out.
It also involves whoever made the "You Can't Watch This" or "Censored" documentary featuring PJW.
I like Stefan, but most of his videos are too long. When you watch a lot of videos everyday, you don't have an hour to devote to one creator. I think he could reach more people by keeping them short. Stefan was thoughtful enough to personally e-mail me when I dropped my Patreon account. So that's something.
Yeah I had to stop watching Stefan because his attitude became a tad too negative for my liking, but there was a period of time there when I watched several of his longest videos a day... that went on for a few months. Quite sometime ago though. I felt like I learned all that was gonna be useful from him, then it just turned into a bad relationship. LOL!

Loved that fucking guy though.

But whatever compromised the rest of them compromised him too.
Yeah so just as I thought...

Caolan Robertson...

Same guy responsible for "You Can't Watch This" (2019) AKA the "Paul Joseph Watson" interview documentary.

So we just need to follow the money with this guy.

That said he's just a stooge too...

Whoever is behind whoever is behind him is who we're looking for.

Again, likely a company name. Could be an individual name, but I think this 'Caolan Robertson' guy is serving the individual name role, so we're probably looking at a company comprised of two or three funders.
Well would ya just look at who Caolan Robertson is...

LOL, looks like somebody who'd be perfect in the role of the Anti-Christ in a hollywood movie!

What're the odds?

Damn are they TRYING to be totally transparent??

Could they make this front any more obvious??

Total puppet, total 'individual name' scapegoat.

My God... it's surprising he went for it. But he's probably in a "special family" so it's not like he really had a choice at the end of the day, or perhaps this was the only acting/modeling gig he could find...

21st century modeling for ya, I guess!?

I find this, uhhh...

Truly disturbing.

So they tout him as also coming from Rebel Media...

Again, traced back to Rebel Media.

And they 'released' Lauren along with a few others years ago so they could start working on projects like this...

Kinda like the way Alex recently released PJW.

Digging into the Rebel Media itself would likely provide more insight than digging into the individual name guy.

Didn't what's his nuts buy Rebel Media? The fake cryer MSM puppet guy? Glenn Beck?

So then the money traces right back to the same assholes who run TV.

This is their bid to get into the internet, which is the (only) future of entertainment media.


It all makes sense now.

Funny how they always give away their plans by being so unbelievably fucking fake though...

It's like they literally don't understand the internet. Probably because the main funders are all geriatric.

But as old and crusty as they may be, they still looooove their prettyboys!

Kissy kissy!
Interestingly, all of Robertson's films were evidently made within the last two years.


Producer (3 credits)

* 2019 Borderless (Documentary) (co-producer)
* 2019 You Can't Watch This (Documentary) (producer)
* 2018 Farmlands (Documentary) (producer)

Director (1 credit)

* 2019 Borderless (Documentary)

Writer (1 credit)

* 2017 Meet a Reformed Social Justice Warrior (Video short) (creator)

Self (3 credits)

* 2019 Panodrama (Documentary) - Himself - Political Writer & Filmaker (voice)
* 2018 Louder with Crowder (TV Series) - Himself - Guest
* Samantha Bee Hypocrisy! (2018) - Himself - Guest
* 2017 Meet a Reformed Social Justice Warrior (Video short) - Himself - Host

So this guy came out of nowhere and suddenly started making expensive documentaries hand over fist? I think you're onto something, Flo.

They do a terrible job at covering this shit up...

Absolutely horrendous.

And really, there's no way they could ever successfully hide their true intentions anyway, everything they do bears 'the mark'... no escape.
He looks way too young to have much experience in film production.
He's also a Gemini Pig which makes him a two-faced liar right off the bat...

Perfect actor material, perfect bullshit artist makeup (no pun intended).

Absolute tool, 100% through and through.
He's the David Hogg of controlled opposition media. Groomed and fast-tracked into a position of influence his experience clearly doesn't warrant.
(05-26-2019, 03:44 PM)Guest Wrote: He looks way too young to have much experience in film production.

He's just a name and a face...

And since they picked him so young and beautiful, they intend to make him a very powerful and longstanding name.

Fact is...

He won't be successful in this format because the internet isn't dumb enough to fall for it and they can smell bullshit.

Takes a while to call it out sometimes.

He's an actor and a spokesman, that's all.

Most likely something dirty will be uncovered about the whole nine yards, and their connections.

This is what I warned about years ago with Paul Joseph Watson...

That they would find a way to compromise him and they'd take him on a smear in order to help bring down InfoWars.

But seems Alex released him before that turd hit the fan...

Alex, of course, seems clean in this whole thing so far.

Absolutely suspicious, absolutely too close, absolutely too involved...

But so far I see nothing that incriminates him and it looks like he made the right choice letting PJW go.

He may be censored off the major platforms, but I'd rather be in the position he's in right now than to be a bunch of Judas Iscariots.

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