I love these mystical airy-fairy tarot reading bitches...
They're so hot.

They're so fucking hot...

If I was a man, that's the kind of woman I would want.

A flowy dress, long haired, crystal wearing, psychic sex pot with a hungry ladylair that needs my servicing.

I'd put a ring on it, bash that gash and regret it every day for the rest of my life.

Rip my heart out and burn it like sage.

As long as those girls aren't too loopy! lol
Holy FUCK, look at the loaded tits on this flyass piece of meat!!!

She looks baked up and glowy like a fuckin' goddess too!

OMPH, jiggle 'em slut!!!

I mean...

LMFAO, she even has 'goddess' in her name...

I didn't even consciously notice that before I posted.
I'd like to spray a giant load of 200 men all over those bronzy looking chesticles.

One load isn't enough, it's not anywhere near enough.
I should spray tan until I look like an oompa loompa.
I want to make it clear I don't watch that chick's videos and I'm not subscribed to her/have no intention of subscribing.

I don't vibe with her, her readings don't apply to me. I just randomly found her on the recommended feed.

That's the thing about these tarot readers on YouTube... certain ones have a different vibe, it's like incompatible and their readings don't resonate at all.

There are some super obnoxious and messed up tarot readers on YouTube... you can usually tell within like the first 30 seconds of hearing them talk that shit is not gonna work out.

Energies match up... only a reader with the appropriate energy/frequency/signature in relation to yours will actually resonate.
If I had a dick, these are the kinda chicks I'd be fucking with it.

MO it looks to me like you lust after women a great deal 

So it might be fun marrying you and watching you get naked in a hot tub with various ladies of the night through the course of our wonderful marriage 

Like larry flynts wife
Nah I don't lust after women...

I find that women have a sort of...

Fangirl kind of attitude toward other chicks, IF they like them.

It's like a... plutonic fangirl thing.

And when it's units of chicks who are friends or whatever, it becomes incredibly defensive.


It becomes a rabid defense of each other against perceived threats...

Fucking vicious even.

But anyways, no, I don't lust chicks, although I would say I have a certain 'type' of chicks that I think are attractive.

I think a lot of dudes aren't into the kind of chicks I think are attractive. Maybe I'm wrong but that's the impression I get.
Big tittied tarot readin' bitches own my heart and soul.
OMG I just randomly got suggested this tarot video of this impishly cute chick and I am like TERRIFIED to click play.

First of all, I don't even really watch tarot vids anymore, I might every great now and then but for the most part I don't. The weird thing is I do still see a lot of tarot even though I don't watch the vids... if you watch astrology channels (which I fucking LOOOOOVE) then they always pull some tarot out on there lmfao!!!!!!!!!!


I am like so hesitant to click play on this shit because it has total magic written all over it and I just don't know if I'm ready.

It's like 100% likely I'll be totally disappointed now too since I made such a big deal about it.

I'm kind of relieved TBH.

I'm gonna have to ground myself in the flesh somehow before I watch this though, maybe I need to grab some Doritos and a soda pop, after all, it's a holiday!?
Such an asshole move to make this post and not share the vid...

Well I mean, it's embarrassing. I think we can all agree with that. I embarrass myself enough here, I feel like SOMETHING needs to be left to the imagination.

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