Gary Numan and his daughter Persia makin' some weird ass music/videos...


I love that video , its stark and apocalyptic

a sexy girl 'prisoner' in the desert , add that to my bucket list
I mean...

It's a lil heavy and gothy for my liking, but I can't deny it's good.

I randomly stumbled on this vid a few mins ago.

And I was like who the hell is this blonde chick?

Like she literally looks like a little girl...

I'm like Gary liking them young these days eh?!

The fuck? How old IS this chick?

So then I go on Google and it's his FREAKING DAUGHTER.

Which is just weird because initially watching the vid, I thought it was...

Some kinda dom/sub shit going on here.

But it's his daughter.

The fuck.
Dude OMG Persia is literally 12.

I just looked it up and she's like 12.

This is so weird.

What the fuck.

Why do I feel like this is so weird?
I mean y'all...

She looks AT LEAST 13.


Watching the video though...


I thought the girl was probably like...

18 or 19.

Because I thought it was some kinda...

Like warped romantic shit going on in this video so I just assumed she had to at least be that old.

I'm weirded out...

Cool song, cool video...

But I am weirded out and I can't and won't deny it and I had to say something.
Hey ya know look, maybe it's my fault for not keeping up with Gary Numan.

Maybe it's my fault for not knowing he had kids.

Maybe it's my fault for just assuming everything has to be sexual or romantic.

Maybe it is.

Maybe it's my warped and twisted mind but...

Man I dunno, just saying.

Just being honest.
I thought she was like...

An 18 or 19 year old who looked 15 or 16.

That's what I honestly thought.

I didn't think that she would LITERALLY BE 15 or 16, or worse... FUCKING TWELVE YEARS OLD?!?!?

I mean...

Yeah, I did have the thought, "She looks like a kid," but at the same time I thought there was some weird sexual undertone to the video and I had no idea who she was and I ASSUMED that she MUST be like 18 or 19. And just looked younger than that.
I like it. Is that his daughter in the video? She's very pretty.

I wouldn't listen to this normally... but because it's him and the video is cool, I liked it.
Look, here's the thing...

If I had a 12 year old kid...

I would not be putting them in music videos with me.

I wouldn't even be showing them to the world.

You shouldn't debut your kids to the world, as a famous person, at least until they're like 16-18.

That is my honest opinion...

They need to be protected from the world.

They shouldn't be putting out material and be put under scrutiny.

I mean especially because that's his kid...

It's not even a random kid who was scouted to be a singer or whatever.

It's only BECAUSE she's Gary Numan's kid that she's even singing or doing any of that crap.

Because HE could FACILITATE her 'career'... because he's a famous singer.

So he has a responsibility to protect the kids rather than start them off on a career before they're even 16-18.
I'm not saying you have to hide your kids away from the world literally as a celebrity, that's unrealistic, the paparazzi is gonna see them, etc.

I'm saying, don't PUT THEM OUT THERE on PURPOSE.

They shouldn't be on social media, they shouldn't be shown off...

They should be protected. I mean all kids should be protected from social media and all that crap anyways, it's totally unhealthy to be under the all seeing eye of the fucking 'internet society' when you're that damn young.

I was a YOUNG kid on the internet... but back in those days there wasn't any damn Facebook/YouTube etc. People didn't even have fucking cameras that easily hooked up to computers, ROFL!!! They didn't. People didn't HAVE cell phones with cameras on them.

It wasn't that common for people to actually put PHOTOS much less VIDEOS of themselves on the internet.

Now there are LITTLE KIDS on the internet left and right with access to devices that have cameras, they're uploading on YouTube, they have Facebook accounts. It's FUCKED UP and it's really not okay at all.
You're right Trix. I assumed she was at least 18.
Epic song, epic video...

But I am just weirded out.

And unfortunately that's where my verdict stands.

She's 16.

Her IG says 15 but I guess her exact b-day (other than 2005 birth year) is unknown, I dunno, it's just absolutely fucking horrifying.

She looks 25...

And I am not saying that to be mean, this is NOT some catty shit...

It's just...

God, man.

It's just so obvious that she's been pimped out and sexually abused from day one.
Numan should be put under the microscope for this.
Never trust a man who wears makeup.

You'll never change my mind on that one.

Perhaps there are exceptions, but they ain't the rule.
(08-11-2017, 07:12 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: I'm not saying you have to hide your kids away from the world literally as a celebrity, that's unrealistic, the paparazzi is gonna see them, etc.

Michael Jackson had it right putting blankets over his kids' heads and shit...

He got raked over the coals for it, but he knew from firsthand experience that the world is full of sick vulturous fuckers.

Then he died, and the protection was over for his kids...

Paris seems to have gotten the worst of it without his protection...

She's probably doing better now than in past years, but you can tell just by looking at her (and some of the things she's gone through publicly) that she's been hurt and abused too.

How can you have a Gary Numan thread without "Cars".
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
I see signs of hardcore drug use on Persia's body too.

Probably been using hard drugs for at least 3 years.
(09-24-2021, 01:44 PM)Dark Dick Wrote: How can you have a Gary Numan thread without "Cars".

Honestly, man?

After seeing this shit?

Fuck that song, and fuck him too.

I mean it's clear he's got serious issues and has from day one as well...

The abused often go on to abuse others.

There are no excuses though. There's always a choice and he clearly made the wrong one.
(08-11-2017, 07:15 PM)GG Wrote: You're right Trix. I assumed she was at least 18.

trix, mo, chatwominz 

any other ones    we don't  know about ?

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