Goodbye, Teal Swan...
"The Adversary"

1:40 this opening montage... sigh. Wow. Oh Lord. Fucked fucked fucked fucked. And just fucked. Simply Fucked™

I feel sorry for her son... he deserves a chance at a normal life. Leagues beyond disturbing.

Teal speaks the truth about so many things... but she doesn't own the truth. It is what it is. She didn't invent it. There are plenty of places to get that truth... after seeing all this, there is no benefit in getting it from Teal.

She's done some good work... unfortunately the benefit of that work for people ends when they get too close to her. Ends badly.

7:00 it was really interesting to see Teal talk to a NORMAL successful woman. Wow. What a contrast. Teal may be richer, but she's certainly not more wealthy.

10:00 so Teal is projecting all her jealousy onto Juliana and then calling her out, putting her on the spot to make her super uncomfortable in an effort to get her to leave the group and go back to Germany.

10:30 and just look at Blake sitting over there near Teal just letting them gang up on his wife. Literally so pathetic. Thank God Teal, Blake, and the other core inner circle are getting old... eventually they won't be attractive enough to follow anymore. Safety.

13:30 this guy is totally wrong... Teal is threatened by her, not the other way around. This is the kinda situation you sit in, deal with, and then escape/run for your life at the next opportunity and just be glad you lived. Bottom line.

14:28 Teal has totally sucked Blake's life away... he looks a lot worse than he should, even with the vegan diet, the sun damage, etc. It's more than that... she's been feeding off him for so long that it's killing him.

To me, it seems like Teal requested those birthday video messages from the crew of this documentary and asked them to tell her what they like about her. It's the kind of shit she would do. They had to pretend they actually liked her in the messages, obviously.

Teal doesn't have a leg to stand on in this... the operation she's running is clearly a cult, with negative mental/physical effects on people and unfortunately, it's probably best if she just takes whatever money she has left and plans on fading out of view.

This is the most damning thing I've ever seen on any online personality... ever. Absolutely terrible and I don't think people who have watched Teal's channel for years really had any idea this kind of stuff was going on behind the scenes.

She's done for.

18:00 did Blake really manage to escape?? That would be unbelievable.

Apparently Blake really did make it out and he and his wife are still together, now running their own company.



This has been so motherfucking disturbing. I cannot pretend that I am not disturbed by this to the fucking core.

And that's saying a lot.

She stole 17 years of that man's life, destroyed his mind, destroyed his health... diseased him, SOUL deep disease. We're talking ACTUAL spiritual succubus disease. She made him into a broken version of who he started out as in this life.

Unbelievably horrifying.

I cannot believe that was the truth of Teal's life and operation for all these years.

I legitimately feel like I'm gonna vomit.

18:02 "I think you're weak." The look on his face is just 17 years of his life spent in narcissistic abuse, crashing down into the cold reality that he was nothing but a supply to her. No, Teal. He would have been weak if he'd stayed. God save your soul... for real. You are beyond fucked, Teal.

This documentary was sad, horrifying, and chilling.

If only it had come sooner.

18:20 it is so hard to hear her say these things to him. This is one of the hardest things I've ever watched. I am just... floored. Totally disturbed. And I've seen like 200 interviews from the Soft White Underbelly channel, so that's saying something, folks.

Gut wrenching.



18:30 spoken like a true narcissist. Look it up in the dictionary, and there's a picture of Teal beside it.

18:45 to walk away from this horror show must have been the hardest thing Blake has ever done.

He's probably a much different person today, albeit one who still struggles with so much pain due to his involvement with this disgusting person.

19:22 you can tell all the rest of them are just questioning absolutely everything. It's all crumbling down.

20:09 so heartbreaking... and for her to blame it on their editing and the creepy music. Oh my God. I have no words.

20:50 Blake made out well. His wife is beautiful... and if I were the two of them, I would beware of Teal's vengeance from now on. She will never forget the one who got away, and I wouldn't put anything past her. Absolutely nothing.

21:40 I read some people say that Teal poisoned his fish... and she probably did, because it's likely he knows a lot about taking care of fish, transporting them etc., most people who keep them as pets tend to be very anal about it.

22:50 Blake should be suing Teal for 15+ years of abuse.

I noticed in her new YouTube video she's looking pretty rough... I guess this is what losing your best supply does to a malignant narcissist.

25:25 watching her pussywhip Matthias who is now the main sub tied to the whipping post... astounding.

25:50 "They'd be wanting her dead," I'm telling you. Blake and his wife? They need to watch their fucking backs. TEAL wants her dead. No one else. JUST Teal. She will never forget this... not ever. Terrifying.

27:45 I'm sure Teal's always cherrypicked psychologists who would be susceptible to believing her bullshit... they're just like anybody else. They can be manipulated and fooled, etc. The fact is, Blake put up with her cancerous disease laden mental abuse for 17 years longer than he should have. I commend his bravery in escaping her.

28:40 the issue is that Teal can't change... it's been proven that narcissism/BPD is a degenerative brain abnormality, there is no cure. I discussed this recently:

The best thing Teal could do for the world now is to allow them to scan/study her brain to figure out what a narcissist's brain looks like, how it's different from a healthy brain... she should allow all the tests in the book in order to be of some use to the betterment of the world by furthering the understanding/treatment of this terrible disease.

31:10 so she's telling the rest of the inner circle that partners aren't allowed now, and she's creating a contract they all have to agree to saying they won't have relationships. Just... doubling down on everything wrong that lead her to where she is today. She's learned absolutely nothing. She never will. Her brain is too damaged.

32:33 well thank God for that, huh? Notice the female lead cults never want to have children. They don't want their followers having children. But the male lead cults want to have children with every member... isn't that somethin'?

33:42 this woman has been the only anchor of sanity throughout this entire debacle... this is who you want to be like in this world. This is who people should be looking up to.

41:17 chilling. Absolutely, horrifically, unimaginably chilling.

This was the best documentary I've ever seen about anything... ever.

It should be required watching in the new leaf we need to turn over in society on educating young people about cults, their tactics, and their tragedies.

Goodbye, Teal Swan.
Teal telling Blake that he's "weak" and "lacks bravery and honor" as he's packing his things to escape...

Seeing his emaciated body just wracking with the pain of her words...

So fucking sad man.

Makes me wonder if she manipulated and controlled how much he ate.

I've heard that kind of shit too many times in true crime cases.
I can't get it out of my head how totally cruel she was to that guy...

Hearing her say those things and treat him that way...

How he said he loved her and hugged her one last time while she just stared and didn't even touch him.

It was the coldest, meanest shit I've ever seen.

I can't believe he really got away. He's so lucky. He could have just as easily wasted away and died there, with Teal acting shocked that he died after all those years of malnutrition and abuse, like they always do in these cases.
This documentary opened my eyes about so much more than just Teal and what's been going on there...

It opened my eyes about humanity's gullibility and what a joke society and 'the game' really are.

But I just don't know how someone could manipulate people and sleep at night. How could they find any true enjoyment in whatever they gained that way?

And to have someone's "devotion" just because you keep things hanging over their head, trap them with the concept of security while really offering none... what would be the point? How would it be fulfilling at all?

It's a hard realization, but manipulators and abusers like Teal are just evil. It's the only explanation.
(07-01-2022, 10:19 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: It was the coldest, meanest shit I've ever seen.

And mind you, that's how she acted WITH CAMERAS ON HER.

The doc crew had been there for months at that point.

She acted that way and said those things, CONVINCED that she would look like the victim.

That's how warped she is.

She wants them to "release the footage" not realizing that whatever is on there isn't gonna help make her look any less cruel, controlling, and totally psycho.

These evil fuckers with these personality disorders CANNOT SEE their own wrongs. They're so delusional that they actually believe they're victims.

People need to start learning the warning signs at a young age so they can avoid abusers like this.

It's been "Season of the Narcissist" lately, with them getting brought out into the light and losing their supply, being shown to the world for what they really are... just a mess.
I can't help but wonder how much more of a nightmare Teal would have been if there were no cameras there at the time. The horrendous display of cruelty that we saw was Teal holding back.

Dry Heave

From the comments...

Quote:I can't watch the docuseries but I watch her reaction videos. I am a licensed therapist and about a decade ago my sister started seeing Teal for "therapy" while living in Hawaii. I lost my sister because of Teal. She sold all of her belongings, moved in with Teal, traveled around with Teal, and I was as convinced then as I am now that she was dangerous. I remember leaving Teal voice messages back then (I was able to secure several phone numbers for "Teal" through the person FUNDING my sister's "therapy") saying that what she was doing was unethical and wouldn't get calls back. I remember scouring her website and realizing how dangerously it was presented for someone who might come to her in distress. At least now she has warning flags at the bottom instructing people not to view her site and instead contact crisis resources if in distress.

This pains me. I am making a random YouTube comment years after that and it makes it seem like it was nothing. I haven't said anything about Teal for years because it devastated me at the time. I spent every day for YEARS fixated on getting my sister back. I mean I could talk for days about all of the efforts. Teal is evil. You have no idea the hateful reverberations that ripple through our universe because she told my sister that her trauma started in the womb because my mother didn't love her. Teal tells people that she can see through their skin and bones. That's her medical license. Also she can't sue or be sued because technically she doesn't believe in the justice system. My sister told me that. I mean Teal's followers in her closest tribe have money. I can tell you that because my sister started paying $500 an hour just to be in Teal's presence and you better believe those hours racked up in money went from there.

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