Goodbye, Teal Swan...
June 2022 update to this OP...

Teal Swan knows universal truths and has shared them over the years. Unfortunately, her ego has destroyed her and tainted any good she's ever done in the world.

Take her as a cautionary tale.

No one owns the truth...

No one person who delivers the truth is more special or important than the other, and if they tell you they are? Run.

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Teal is so right.

I wonder where she films her videos.

She does them in front of a green screen (sometimes).

I feel like she's filming in a garage.

She uses two box lights, you can see them in her eyes.

So she has a camera to her right, one in front of her, and two lights on either side in front of her.

Thank God for the double speed option on YouTube though.
Somebody left a comment that the 'vibe' didn't seem right in the video, and a lot of people agreed.

I notice Teal does her intro and outro slightly differently now.

People are blaming Mercury retrograde.

But actually I think it's just the wearing on of time...

I think people want to expand and bust out.

Ralph Smart and Teal have made videos together in the past...

So they're synched up enough to be relevant to each other's experiences.

Ralph has been going through a thing with his channel lately were everyone is prettymuch bored of his stuff, he's bored of it, but he's also scared because he doesn't know what to do...

His first video that went viral was a totally random situation, and he probably never understood the dynamics behind how/why that happened in the first place.

But he's been trying to replicate that ever since. The farthest he got in understanding it was that he had to be totally genuine and honest with his message.

So he kept doing that, but then he sort of plateaued and then shit got boring...

He's trying the old way and hoping it'll just keep working, but it's not.

There's some forced expansion going on here.
Flippin' fricken damn excellent video by Teal, just wow...

You can see in this video how excited she is because she had this epiphany and that sharing it can open up new possibilities in the world.

Teal is unloading it on me hard with this video, gotta say. I knew all this, but it's good, like really really good to hear somebody talk about it.

Thought is a perceptible exchange between people, it's just tricky because by nature it is unspoken.

It's a profound video because there are a lot of implications. A lot.

8:06 LOL man I love her expression after this statement... I feel her on that, so true and it is funny, LOL.

Golly gee whiz, such a great video. Teal is such a groovy chick.

It honestly may be the best video she has ever made.

What a truly great day.

a demon is a thought conjured by the focus on black

you are all about black cats here lady , scary

wicked scary trix

Wow, Teal is so hot. Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot.

Dude everybody thought Teal was full of shit when she said the mic feedback was her fault, but at like 1:55 it actually does seem like her movement stops the feedback. What the fuck!?

I really like Teal, not gonna lie.

This was a really interesting talk.

17:27 - 17:38 ROFLMAO ah wow, that was grueling as shit! LOVE ITTT!!!

19:45 dude OMG this was EPIC GOLD. Epic, epic, epic gold.

20:00 OMG LMAO the guy even backs his chair up because he honestly thinks Teal is causing the feedback...

And it's a perfect opportunity because her eyes were closed at the time.

God this was great.

Teal was right, again, and it had a great resolution.
I find Teal Swan attractive in the same manner I find Zeena LaVey attractive.
1: put headphones on
2: click 19:58
3: Wtfshock
Fuck... I´m just glad I didn´t have my volume up higher when I clicked that shit...
i feel like teal swan is trying to brainwash this so he will follow her like a lost puppy right back to her luxury hotel room and right into her extra large bed where upon he will be given a full interrogation like at guantanamo except using her pussy riding on his face to suffocate him until he confesses

Teal is so hot.

And right too.

Check out how bangin' hot Teal looks in this thumbnail.

Disappointed cuz that's not actually how she's dressed in the video though.

Totally didn't watch it!
"Totally didn't watch it!"

well i did , i watched this mistress of satan and resisted her brainwashing just as i resist the brainwashing of trix

even though she has cameras trained on my bed and even tries to poison me

i resist ! , you dirty medussa's
(01-28-2018, 11:27 PM)Guest Wrote: i watched this mistress of satan and resisted her brainwashing just as i resist the brainwashing of trix

ROFLMAOLOL, fucking love you.
(01-28-2018, 11:29 PM)Trix Wrote: ROFLMAOLOL, fucking love you.

3rd grade brainwashing.
(01-28-2018, 11:27 PM) Wrote: well i did , i watched this mistress of satan and resisted her brainwashing just as i resist the brainwashing of trix

You are the boss, but probably a little geek virgin. Which is ok.
(01-29-2018, 06:57 AM)Fungus Wrote: You are the boss, but probably a little geek virgin. Which is ok.


Who you speak of is me.

I've never had sex in my life.

I stopped masturbating a while ago as well... :))))

I am the little geek virgin who you speak of.

(01-29-2018, 08:03 AM)Guest Wrote: I've never had sex in my life.


Are you hot?
(01-29-2018, 02:04 PM)Trix Wrote: ASL?

Are you hot?

Um, I would say so... But I think it may really be a matter of perspective in most cases...

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