Meghan "Mind Rot" Trainor hellbent to destroy music and deliver the final blow...
To society in general, I mean just fucking listen to the banal dogshit she is spewing with her nut buddy Charlie "Putrid" Puth. "Let's Marvin Gaye"?? Are you FUCKING kidding me? What kind of insolent tripe IS THIS!?!?! Not to mention how heinously unoriginal it is. Wow, just wow. We're really making songs about OTHER SONGS!?!?!?!?! THIS IS WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW!?!?!?!?! 

Words don't even begin to express how truly and wholly I reject it. I reject Meghan Trainor and her shit squad... I reject them hard. Forever.

Trainor is a HORRIBLE role model to young girls... don't even get me started on her mind bogglingly entitled steaming turd "Dear Future Husband". What an embarrassing load of malarkey. If you want a good man, FUCKING EARN HIM. You are not a prize. Girls don't need to be taught that they're perfect beings who deserve everything handed to them on a silver plate for no reason, ESPECIALLY when they're being taught to NOT EVEN BE NICE ABOUT IT.

They're being taught it's okay because "Meghan Trainor said so and she's on TV!!!" She's not on TV because she's accepted... she's on TV because she's being shoved down the throats of children (especially girls) EVERYWHERE because she's the latest talking head put in place to further corrode the moral fabric of society and DESTROY girls. Starting with their manners. Starting with their mindset on what relationships between men and women should be.

It's SICK. It's not cute. It needs to be called out for what it is... and I just did and always will.
And if anybody is curious as to why I had the displeasure of hearing this mindless garbage, I have nieces who visited recently and they were all listening to her on the computer!!! I can't believe how bad it's gotten in pop music and the kids being exposed to this crap are just WAYYY too young to be hearing this kind of shit. I tried to tell them Meghan Trainor is evil!!! I'm doing my part!!!

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