Lucian Ilea has completely lost his fucking mind...

I can't tell if Luci is still alive or if he just had a bunch of pre-uploads on queue...
i feel like he is gonna end up in a turkish prison


Uh oh, his clothes changed!!!

He's still alive!!!

Welcome back to the world of the living, Luci!!!

He's addressing Queen Elizabeth in this video...

And he said his father committed a crime in 1995, and that he stole Luci's money.

But it's kinda like Zakk's story with the family business and the Currituck County government and shit...

Really just impossible to tell what's true and what is paranoid delusion.

In this video, Lucian is addressing Kim Jong Un.

Luci says that things will come to an end for himself on October 21.

It occurs to me that Luci is probably using the same webcam and mic he's had since 2006.

But for real...

Luci's weird hints at his death (basically) are a tad concerning... hopefully he's not being literal.

It's interesting the details he chooses to share about his life.
(10-13-2017, 02:41 PM)MO Wrote:


thats really creepy they had a scene like that now that we know what hollywood was up to with  all the child actors speaking out now  , yikes
Yeah I can't help but think about that when I see it too...

It's so damn funny. But one can only hope that nothing nefarious went down.

Why is Lucian out of breath in this video??

Why does he look kinda mad?

Guess we'll never know because he's SPEAKING FUCKING ROMANIAN.


Maybe he just got done masturbating furiously to furry porno lite.
honestly MO , if i was a female dating this guy i would be worried he might bite into my neck while i slept , he shows upper teeth like my dog does when its mad ... makes me impulsively guard my neck
(10-15-2017, 07:36 PM)Guest Wrote: i would be worried he might bite into my neck while i slept


That's hot.

That would be hot.

Except like, not with Luci.

He's too crazy even for me.
(10-15-2017, 06:24 PM)MO Wrote: Maybe he just got done masturbating furiously to furry porno lite.
Bwahahahaha dude this Stefan video is probably the funniest I've seen.
He's cracking up so hard, LMFAO.
Hahahaha I like Lucian IleA Apollo whatever his handle is... I haven't watched any of his tiara wearing videos lately, I find the videos curious even though I not understand.

Lucian needs the love of a good woman.

I think he needs to find a nice older lady.

He should post on GMILF forums.



Dude what is up with the big rambling intro Luci always opens with??

He looks pretty good in this video though. Nice jacket. He needs to find him an old sugar momma to get him some dental implants.

Luci just needs to be brought out into the light, dusted off and given a good hard smack on the ass to get him going.

And again...

Why is this not in english?

*clicks off*

Damn, Luci on FLEEK lately!!!


Get it boy!


But for realzies, the fuck is he even talking about?

0:59 "You have not presented me as the Global Savior in order to save my life."

Whups, sorry about that Luci.
One need look no further than these thumbnails to remember why they ever cared about Lucian Ilea...

He looks randy as shit in that middle one, cracks me the fuck up every time!

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