Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...
The chemistry between Clif and myself would generate enough electricity to power a small town...

Pure, clean energy.

He just needs to stop being coy and do what's best for the environment.
I want to lay around a campfire with Clif and stroke each other's half nude bodies with pointy sticks while we talk about patents.
I'm a simple creature.
I don't ask for much.
(06-18-2022, 05:46 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: I don't ask for much.

I know I will stay out of here lil spritey love :)
Listen lill orphan annie not your real name.
Ive had a harder life than you.
Come here and sit on my knee.
Or forever need a pee.
If I had a dime for every asshole who's ever said that to me, I might be able to buy Clif's love?!

I'm LEGITIMATELY SALIVATING taking in this view of Clif.

His arms look nice and big, his body looks like a desirable weight for his frame... he looks absolutely radiant.

And those PANTS. Absolutely gorgeous black cargo/tactical pants that look really high quality. My personal favorite brand is Unionbay.

Listen, it's no secret that men's clothing is better than women's, I've talked about this...

Now let's address Clif's lush, gorgeous backdrop... WOW. Is this where he LIVES?!? What a magical oceanic wonderland!!! I'm so happy for him that he gets to enjoy that incredible view every day. How lovely!!!

4:30 doesn't he just look sooooo huggable?! He doesn't look like a snack, he looks like a full on meal, and I am HUNGRY. Good thing I just made a bitchin' dinner. You know, I always find myself having dinner with Clif.

We almost never get to see him below the waist!!!!!!

This is so exciting, I can't believe it.

5:24 I wish I could make him even bigger on my screen!!!

6:08 he starts talking about the biosphere.

7:36 God he is a gorgeous hunk of man.

7:50 I wish I could ride around on Clif like a front pack.

Oh Clif... HearteyesHearteyesHearteyes

10:33 it is MEGA dusty in Kentucky... the ground just crunches when you walk on it.

12:50 hell yeah we're in Sci-Fi World NOW... I see proof of it in my own life every day, the shit is crazy.

I don't discuss half of what I notice and experience. I think it's unwise to... not everyone is going to the same place, and it would be useless to try and share experiences they're never going to understand. Different things will be possible in all the different realities people are ultimately gonna end up in.

It's a pearls to swine kinda situation.

Most of us who are going to a higher place after this shift settles will be going there very much alone. Best to wish everyone well, stay quiet, and accept that the choice between heaven and hell is right now. Most people don't believe they deserve heaven, don't want it for others, and will not be on that plane. It's a spectrum between heaven and hell, but I think you can look at a lot of universal indicators, positioning, etc. to show that we really are choosing between extremes at this specific time.

14:44 well said. Nature is the greatest safeguard... there is no winning a fight against it, and there is no escaping it. People should be glad.

0:30 wow, such a gorgeous place to live. Clif is living the dream for sure.

2:53 check out Clif's righteous greenhouse! I would totally live in a greenhouse with a screened in/covered porch on the side to get out of the sun when I wanted to. Sigh... Clif's property is so inspirational.

Oh Clif, how you excite me!!!


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