Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...
the gift is also a burden.

you don't get to be able to see without having to speak.

he can't stop doing what he does. it's there for him to do. i can't stop looking at all this shit and posting and vibing the way i do. it's how i do.

the lighthouse is to be there even without sailors on a clear night.
These are my thoughts about the Age of Aqua time period...

(09-06-2021, 11:47 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: We're a few hundred solid years away from the true Age of Aqua, but a lot of people are trying to comfort themselves about being WAYYYY TOO FUCKIN' EARLY AGAINNNNNNN by telling themselves we're already over the threshold.

The issue is that super big asteroid coming at us in the late 2100s...

We're gonna be having a pretty big interruption so we're living it up at the pre-party...

Everybody here in the 1800s-2200s has really gotten the shit end of stick, but it's typical...

These "long spanning" thousands of years aren't really shit to us in the higher realms, we only get salty about it down here.

(09-06-2021, 11:51 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: To be fair, the threshold of the Age of Aqua started with the first space exploration and the birth of the internet...

It's just the caveman days, that's all.

We ain't in the ocean of Aqua, we're still in the back and forth ebb and flow of the tide between Pisces and Aqua and we will be for all our lives.

The benefit of this shite positioning is heightened psychic awareness, and actually, a deeper and more pure version of connection with others (especially via distance) than will even be experienced in the full on Age of Aqua.

This deep connection that is possible with others is special right now because we're coming out of such a pure shit past, and there's a newness to deeper connection...

Once we're full on in the Age of Aqua, it will just be normal and therefore it won't be as remarkable. So there is purpose in this time. It's just neither "here" nor "there" and there's a constant back and forth tear that causes for a lot of emotional pain... thus the need to constantly look for something above us or something to complete us.

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