Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...
I've been contemplating the revelation that Clif never actually read Thinking and Destiny (at least not the whole thing, I'm sure he read some) but listened to it on audiobook instead.

TBH the concept of listening to it on audiobook sounds... even more daunting.

It's a psychoride of a book though, holy shit... I'm glad I have it.
Not sure whether I ever posted these on this thread, three of Clif High's most important videos ever:

(11-22-2018, 07:22 PM)MO Wrote:

TL;DR they can tell by your face (therefore, facial recognition software taking over the planet) who/where you descend from and by that alone they can tell whether or not you're an enemy.

(11-22-2018, 07:24 PM)MO Wrote:

12:21 absolutely amazing.

OMIGAAAAAAAAAAAAD. Classic Clif goodies. I've never thought about getting on his channel and watching his old vids!

This is by far the greatest stuff that you could ever watch on YouTube, the most worthy of anyone's time.

5:15 he starts to explain how the "universe started" and it's a process he refers to as the "Little Bloop" -- a pulse.

I definitely recommend watching this one on full screen. This is so great. I sorta wanna bingewatch Clif's videos now.

8:28 God I love Clif High more than anything in this eternal moment.

12:08 - 12:48 it absolutely makes total sense.

15:51 "Space does not exist absent of the molecule it's housed in."

18:35, so true. It's so needlessly overly complicated, I've discussed this before:

20:46 he says the pulse is not electric.

32:25 "We won't get into that." ROFL, he's so funny... Heart

36:36 - 37:00 *squeals*... Heart

43:00 if Clif is right about this (and I believe he is) then this whole "Artificial Intelligence" thing sounds like an inside job to me.

44:04 bwahahahaha oh my God YES. YES. Like I SAID:

Clif says the 'self' (consciousness) is stored in the adrenals.

48:50 he explains birth/death/rebirth.

53:30 he briefly addresses time travel.

He's gonna use the whiteboard again...


4:12 so true, gah. Clif is SO RIGHT about EVERYTHING. I love him sooo much.

7:00 he says that we're all toroidal fields, gah, he's so amazing.

10:30 he's basically summarizing "Thinking and Destiny" by Harold Percival:

The Thinker, The Knower, and the Doer (Doer-In-The-Body) = 3 aspects which make up the human/the larger being that we're part of.

20:04 - 20:34 beautifully said, Clif... thank you.

29:00 - 29:42 absolutely fascinating and rings so true. All of it.

36:34 he discusses the planets/galaxies which spiral orbit the dark sun, and the cycles of destruction (25,420 cycle, 12,960 cycle, etc.) which result due to the proximity between our galaxy and the dark sun.

44:06 God I love Clif's outlook... he's so right, it's so true.

46:09 - 46:26 LOL that's for fuckin' sure!!!

47:00 he references the ice age and says it's on a 100,000 year cycle. He explains the function of the ice age.

51:40 - 51:58 it's such common sense truth.

56:25 he discusses the "Radiant Mental Atmosphere" AKA the ether.

Words could never express how grateful I am for Clif High and him being here and sharing with us.

This is way too long to watch tonight but I will watch and review at a later time.
I think Heidi seems catty, but she's okay in her Clif vids. At least she knows Clif's greatness and at least she's nice to look at or whatever. She lets him talk and doesn't interrupt. These interviews with Clif are the only videos I'd ever watch by her because I personally think vedic astrology needs to be updated to modern terms... it still talks about trading livestock for your daughter to get married and all kinds of weird outdated shit like that.

4:10 he says he's "seen the Space Program" and explains that night vision goggles can reveal activity in the skies.

9:29 he says he thinks these ships are manned.

15:00 he starts talking about the vagus nerve and the importance of taking conscious control of breathing and calming the mood, therefore changing the hormones. He says that all emotions are related to hormones, and conscious altering of these moods is a key practice.

18:00 he says that reptilian creatures have a very simple vagus nerve system and don't feel emotion the way we understand it. He says what is called the "reptilian brain" in the human is misnamed and has nothing to do with reptilian consciousness whatsoever.

21:00 he says chickens/avians are incapable of love; he says only beings with a fully advanced vagus system can have thoughts and cognition, he says a lot of the critters are basically like robots.

25:00 he says cuddlefish and other aquatic creatures have advanced vagus nerve systems.

27:18 Clif says he's a psychonaut... God I love you Clif. I looove you. I'm IN LOVE with Clif. Me and my advanced vagus nerve system be feelin' some type of way about Clif High.

34:00 he's explaining beings he's met on psychedelic trips... beings that show their emotions through color/aura flashing on their "skin". He then mentions the mantis/mantid beings.

40:00 Clif basically says he's a super high functioning schizophrenic (he calls it schizotypal "schizotypical" but I don't) and that his brother was a full blown schizophrenic who was debilitated by the condition. 40:25 Clif says that those who are schizophrenic and unable to function are that way because of adrenochrome, which he describes as the "oxidized form of adrenaline". He says the mind does not recover from adrenochrome. 41:50 he seems to suggest that vitamin B assists in helping some symptoms related to schizophrenia.

58:50 LMFAO, God religion is so fucking damaging.

1:00:00 addressing why channeling can be bad or damaging (and this point was being addressed prior to 58:00).

1:02:40 Clif says that Bashar (Darryl Anka) produced channeled drawings which were bogus. Clif says these entities are telling certain stories to raise hormonal levels (emotions) in channelers and suck that energy out of them.

1:12:45 he addresses that dogs, cats, etc. have the advanced vagus nerve and they can reason, etc. exemplified in them teaching their young... and I think they have the same kind of emotions we have.

1:15:00 he says that the strange energy from space is impacting us through the "hormonal antenna" of the vagus nerve (which branches throughout the entire body) and that this strange energy is causing all the cult-like belief in subjects being spread around by people like Corey Goode etc.

1:21:00 Clif says that Genghis Khan was said to have killed all those people because he was trying to "get rid of the aliens" who were hiding in human bodies.

1:22:00 exactly re: traveling through the interstellar media... that's why I say that interstellar travel is not even possible.

1:24:20 he mentions Andrew Basiago:

1:49:22 I believe that!

God I'm so into Clif High. He's so groovy and far out.

2:02:00 dude oh my God listen to this... fabulous history lesson from Clif. The look on Heidi's face, holy shit LMFAO.
Chickens are not fucking robots. OMG they have families and relatives and heartbreak and joy. WTF do you work for KFC ?

4:00 God Clif is so interesting. Sooo interesting. I want the entirety of Clif's knowledge.

9:35 he starts to explain the movement of the sun through space. He says the Russians research about where the sun is actually headed, as opposed to others who are only concerned with the orbit of planets.

16:40 I'm glad these hosts are surprisingly not that annoying.

36:00 this is a totally excellent interview.

I want a wildly brilliant, interesting man like Clif High in my life.

39:00 he says pole reversals and magnetic flips aren't what has caused huge calamity in the past and that the only thing that actually happens is the expanding earth. He says that there was a war long ago between advanced parties which caused a glass desert area in the Sahara as big as the US.

40:50 he starts explaining the ancient war in relation to his 'logo' picture which is the crow with the earth in its mouth and the eye as the moon, saying that Maori believed that the moon was dominating the earth and the raven was the trickster.

42:00 so apparently we came from an aquatic being. So that makes me think that all the action IS in the seas AND WITHIN the earth... inner-earthlings, inter-terrestrials. The REAL "aliens".

45:50 so true.

47:45 he addresses what is referred to as "sun disease".

49:45 sounds a lot like the neurological disruption I've theorized about and attributed to occurrences such as Foreign Accent Syndrome...

"The Electric Universe: Foreign Accent Syndrome and The Tower of Babel"

55:00 - 57:28 he discusses DNA and epigenetics.

58:40 - 59:18 God yes. Heavens yes. Preach it Clif, I love you so much.

1:18:15 he starts discussing the battle throughout time, and reincarnation... one of my personal favorite topics he discusses. It reminds me of what I call the 'cutout'... the flat, blank, vaguely human shape which is at the center of people. All the other layers wrap around that vague shape, sort of like Clif said re: the soul being a mold which encapsulates (and gives features to) the developing human form in the womb.

1:31:00 begins some interesting discussion regarding Antarctica.

1:32:53 so Clif does seem to think that the humans were created by aquatic creatures.

1:38:56 Clif tells a very interesting story that ties into his priorly posted videos above re: the War Across Time.

1:43:00 wow... absolutely fricken amazing.

1:49:49 interesting fact about the Irish language and being "free from reptiles".
For me, 1:43:00 was the most profound part of that interview, because it really validated some of my personal understandings. I could never adequately express how grateful I am for Clif and the information that has been delivered through his expression... truly invaluable, truly nourishing.


17:45 he says that "The Little Bloop" theory pulse (which he in an earlier video/post said is not electrical) is energy.

19:10 he references the "hiss" AKA the "background noise" of the universe... it's so fascinating because I've NEVER heard ANYONE talk about this before.

38:38 re: the pulse being consciousness, and existence is only consciousness.

39:09 very fascinating re: the aura and the way he paints this picture of the movement through space and how every tiny movement is essentially a new universe.

51:45 he discusses the effects of the atom bomb.

54:24 wow that is an EPIC theory re: CERN.

1:10:00 he explains again why time travel into the past isn't possible. He says that neither backward or forward actually exist and there's only now.

1:13:58 holy shit, AGAIN. Clif never ceases to amaze me. He's basically talking about piggybacking consciousness, like I've discussed here:

1:16:25 sounds like sorcery to me.

1:24:20 he mentions the 'hiss' again, "They're hearing space and time being created."

1:34:28 that guy in the upper right hand corner, no idea what his name is... I can hear his thoughts right then. LOL.

1:34:45 interesting point re: humans being an extension of the earth.

1:35:58 he addresses self-healing via consciousness. It's so true.

So the guy's name is "Randy Maugans" and apparently according to his Facebook he doesn't like Clif High anymore because Clif High doesn't like Corey "Blue Chicken" Goode even though Randy doesn't like the guy either. Randy sounds a lil moody.

1:46:00 she talks about the dark agent infiltration at events like raves, Burning Man, etc.

1:51:20 excellent points.

1:56:00 ROFLMAOOOOOOO I fucking loooooooooooove Clif's interaction with this guy. For about the past 30 minutes there's been some really funny psychic activity coming from this Randy guy... and a lot of psychic and visible queues of clashing between the two of them. I just love the way Clif softly interjects on him right then, I mean I'm just putty in Clif's hands, that's all there is to it.

1:56:35 I feel like this Randy guy has some... ego issues or something. I feel like he just needs some good lovin'.

2:00:45 wow I've never heard about this before re: the reverse engineered spaceships.

2:07:00 interesting statements about injuries manifesting in the energy body before manifesting physically.

2:30 it's an interesting question re: the cold weather and whether or not it effects our consciousness in a negative or limiting kinda way.

What I seem to notice about Clif is that he's very patient with people. He seems very understanding. He's not an uppity genius, he's a humble one... I like those.

9:00 what the shit is this guy talking about?? Why is he asking about the manipulation of time?? Didn't Clif explain this in the 2017 interviews with them?? You can only "step outside of time" if you go in between the "bloops"... and you can't be anywhere that the universe doesn't support the complexity of your configuration, sooo thus the ever present now. Remember?? LOL =\ Now I feel like both these hosts must be on drugs or drunk or something.

I mean... I've seen quite a lot of Clif High by now and I've pretty much heard him talk about all the principles of existence explained from his own viewpoint and experience (which I agree with and which make total sense). I feel like I've "learned" Clif pretty well and I 100% get what he's talking about, I'm totally familiar with his terminologies. Aside from the quirky amazing factoids and oddities he brings up now and then, he's not predictable per se, but he's steady as a rock.

30:15 he starts to talk about orgone.

31:45 he says something really interesting about Bruce Lee and his ability to move through time.

36:45 he addresses the problem with 5G frequency.

42:53 dude I feel like this chick wants to fuck Clif High so bad right here... and it's so weird because just before the camera cut and showed her, I was thinking about how attractive, fun, and charming Clif is. Hmmm! That chick is honestly kinda hot.

44:45 she's got a fuckin' excellent point there, and I've touched on this 'fabricated, imitation' synchronicity before:

1:08:45 LOL. She starts talking about Fringe (TV series) and says Clif (and Courtney Brown) remind her of the "Observers" in the series. It's because those characters were literally BASED ON THEM.


Here's the list of supplements Clif takes:

3:30 Clif talks about genes which activate cancer, stating there may be 50-60 genes in the "selection set" of which 12-15 have to be activated at once in order to develop cancer, and those activated genes may be different among different people.

OT, but Clif can really cut to the bone on some real shit.

6:45 I'd love to see Clif playing around in the kitchen with his ray gun!

10:00 he discusses that the levels of daily vitamins needed is different for everyone.

I really love Clif... it's sad he's had the health struggles. This is why it's so important to preserve his knowledge base.

11:52 he basically says that cancer and autoimmune conditions wouldn't happen if we had optimal levels of vitamins and minerals (the proper levels of which, again, is on an individual basis).

14:45 he says that energy drinks are atrocious. Of course. They should be avoided... all of this crap is contributing to adrenal fatigue.

16:30 he states the importance of alternating brands of supplements so that there's no buildup over time of any pollutants that might be in particular brands, geographical areas, or batches.

33:27 Clif says that in the coming ice age we would benefit from the advanced tech that is buried [in Antarctica].

36:06 Clif says that he uses red light therapy:

39:00 he says that in 40 years or so temperatures in the north east during the winter might reach lows of -65 degrees.

42:35 Clif has a sauna?! I want one!!!

42:50 Clif says that estrogen mimickers are responsible for autoimmune diseases.

47:00 he says that mushroom supplements produced from mycelium (instead of the 'fruiting bodies' of the mushrooms) are not very effective. He says that in Russia you get chaga mushroom as/alongside cancer treatment, and suggests powdered chaga mushroom in general.

52:43 he says he thinks repetitious exercise is boring as fuck and I totally agree. I think it's ridiculous.

58:30 Clif says his red glasses screen out blue light and that the blue light could activate genes that we don't want activated.

59:50 he starts to say interesting stuff about C60 maybe clustering in areas of the body where it's needed because it's positively charged and could be drawn to large areas of free radicals.

1:03:10 he starts discussing the ill effects of blue light again, a topic I've discussed at length:

1:05:00 he has been talking on and off in this video about how coffee enemas aren't a cancer cure and that cancer is not a "disease".

1:06:25 he says we're in for a lot of economic frothing. He says there's a shift going on over 2019-2020 and that we need to employ sci-fi tech if we're going to deal with it effectively.

1:08:15 he starts talking about the shaman and mystics.

Clif High is 100% my soulmate.

"Deep woo"... ROFL.

The AI thing is just ridiculous because the computers can only "know" what they've been programmed with.

It doesn't matter where it goes from there... it has all its origins in human knowledge.

And on top of that, it wouldn't have self-awareness in the sense that biological life does.

I feel like Clif is such a hardcore divination master...

But it's so far beyond what's historically been known as divination.

I don't even know how to explain it, I'm just completely in awe of his greatness.

Wow the intro to this video was AMAZINGGG... UNTIL they started their freaked out echoing little whatever the fuck that was OMG. I was literally squirming in my seat and laughing and facepalming and saying "NOOOO!!! STOPPP!!!" ROFL, holy shit. That was epically cringe. Okay I'm over it... I'm over it. They're obviously foreigners. I can forgive it. I guess. I better not think about it too hard.

10:10 Clif High is so wonderful. I genuinely feel like I've heard this before though. Surely not. I'd remember. I definitely don't recognize the host so... I probably haven't heard it. Necessarily.

15:35 LOL, Clif has gotta be an Aquarius.

20:32 very interesting statements about human psychic expression as it pertains to linguistics.

37:17 he discusses the magnetic disturbances coming from Antarctica.

41:12 it's the same thing I've always said, Antarctica is the only place on earth that all the governments agree NOT to fight over and take over. At least publicly. Totally suspicious. It indicates that there's something about Antarctica that all governments know is bigger than them. Something they don't understand. Or... there is already a ruling power established there, which isn't one we've ever been made privy to.

49:10 excellent point re: Admiral Byrd... daaamn.

1:00:00 Clif discusses historical sailing navigation which referenced Egyptian markers with hieroglyphs close to the Louisiana delta. WTF!!!?

1:04:15 the Smithsonian apparently removed the markers in the 1950s... again, DESTROYING historical evidence seems to be the only reason the Smithsonian even exists, except of course for publicly presenting their cherry picked bits of history so they can control the narrative.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Uh oh... comments section is saying Clif gets interrupted by this host a lot in this part 2. The host was fine in part 1... I guess we'll just have to see.

Interview starts at 8:14.

10:22 Clif says that earth's sun is mostly iron, with gold, silver, and some other heavy metals in it.

12:33 great mental picture explaining the expansion of the earth.

16:09 that makes so much sense, I always thought the subduction zone concept was such bullshit.

17:35 he says the tectonic plate model is bogus.

25:20 I think this interviewer guy is falling in love with Clif High.

26:58 he talks about how a religion in India states that earth, the moon, and Mars used to be populated by 600 billion of us, and that we had green or blue skin back then.

29:02 Clif starts to discuss how humans came about. They discuss how the hominid is a template as it pertains to our particular kind of consciousness expression, and that there are likely many alien beings with the same template. Clif talks about the "Nemo" or the bipedal aquatic creatures.

34:30 he says that every year, the British royals celebrate their connection to the Nemo by sitting on a stone in Wales.

47:24 Clif says that he lives about 2 years out in time... and I totally understand what he's saying, I feel the same way. I feel ahead of my time.

56:00 they address the fact that the Smithsonian destroys history.

1:06:40 - 1:07:10 "A future by way of a return to the past." I've thought about that concept so much lately, so to hear him say it really means a lot to me.

1:16:40 Clif is so pleasant. So understanding and nice with people. He's just so great.

1:32:30 very interesting story about climbers in Antarctica and their findings.

1:37:50 it seems like Clif is suspicious about this story already for some reason.

I wonder what it's like to be as brilliant as Clif High.

Interview starts at 8:40.

12:49 Clif says that there's a whole bunch of energy technology in Antarctica. He talks about the type of housing that was found and that there was "painted on the walls" electricity.

17:00 he starts talking about how there are microwave pulse beams coming from Antarctica. My question is, how long has this been going on? Because to me? This sounds like an emergency beacon. What if it's on a timer? What if it's broadcasting that things are thawing and it's "time" to come back? What if it's a machine that thaws on a timer, now broadcasting to SOMETHING SOMEWHERE that it's time to come back? That's the thought that occurred to me while looking at this video and I seriously feel like it makes sense.

23:03 excellent point re: who the hell are TPTB going down there and talking to?

32:10 they took a fuckton of hot blue eyed blonde Ukrainian chicks down to Antarctica for a breeding program.

40:00 they make the very valid suggestion that it's an automated system, perhaps a defense system.

I truly feel this is the most likely scenario. I think it has to be ancient tech... I don't think there are beings actively down there. I think it's all machines.

42:50 he talks more about the microwave pulse coming from Antarctica. Absolutely fascinating.

The discoveries in Antarctica are probably the reason they're publicly rolling out Space Force.

Advancement will be exponential during the next 40 years and it won't look like it does in the movies with the dystopian megacities and all kinds of other BS... it will be different.

The nature of the discoveries themselves will be in principle so groundbreaking and earthshattering that we as a human mass consciousness will understand our relationship with the fabric of reality in a totally different way.

51:00 fascinating about the night vision in red showing demonic looking creatures who weren't there upon looking without the goggles. Supposedly that's why they changed the night vision color to green. The green display comes from electrons rather than photons.

54:20 very interesting statements re: these demonic manifestations who are usually unseen by us. Clif alludes to the possibility of these 'apparitions' being a defense system, at least that's how I took it.

59:30 they start discussing that the Antarctica tech is probably from antediluvian earthlings... at least I think that's what they're getting at.

1:01:37 ROFL @ the host guy.

I totally wanna go to the inner earth, it sounds awesome.

1:17:45 Clif says that there's a hexagonal pattern happening at the south pole of our planet just like on the gas planets, he says it's just the geometry of the universe

1:22:47 host makes an excellent point about the inner earthlings using the 'automated system' to guard themselves from the surface dwellers.

Clif High is just so much more interesting than everyone else in the world.

13:03 Clif clears up some misconceptions about artificial intelligence. 16:56 makes a lot of sense.

22:07 interesting discussion about the technological direction of humanity... Clif says that free energy was achieved with vacuum tubes.

23:28 "This is a loose sketch of history as Clif sees it." He says the nuclear place around Roswell was attracting the ships and that they were deliberately shot down.

32:00 he tells a story about having seen a "UFO" in the 70s that he suspects was man-made... probably a product of reverse engineered advanced tech.

40:00 this guy is very smart.

40:40 Clif says he had a missing time experience.

48:02 he says that schizophrenics emit pheromones in their sweat which make people nervous... he says that it's due to the adrenochrome.

53:08 God I'm so in love with you Clif.


1:09:34 very interesting discussion on karma.

1:20:50 he explains that our solar system is an enclosed system and space travel is basically ridiculous and can't happen (my wording), at least interstellarly.

1:28:00 Clif says the Chinese are building a runway in Antarctica and it looks like it's meant for a lot of traffic. Basically, it's all coming out soon.

1:33:00 Clif said that FitBit and other such devices which are monitored by GPS have given away hotspots in Antarctica (and everywhere else on the planet) where there's a lot of people activity taking place. Those devices were probably invented to do just that.

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