YouTuber Debrajoy is entertaining as fuck...
She used to live in a van, that's how she started out getting subscribers. But now she lives in an apartment or something.

Anyways, I stopped watching her channel several months ago. I thought I'd check back in tonight, and to my delight she's made more storytime videos about her marriages...


Agh, wow. Just wow.
Ahahahahaha agh God this is good shit.
Apparently she's been married 6 times. So there's plenty more to enjoy...

Debra Joy is almost making me feel better about my own life...


She's been married in like a bunch of different states, LOL. She knows about all the divorce laws in different states, LOL.

Dude her life has been a SOAP OPERA, wow.

Wow man, why does Debra get all the dudes?!

Where are all these dudes who wanna take care of single moms and their kids!?

I can't get that and I'm not even a single mom!!!



I feel like Debra Joy isn't grateful for all her men. She sounds spoiled to me!

13:08 awe... =\

15:46 awe dude what the fuck, that's fucked up!!!

Dude this husband #3 guy sounds amazing...

WTF. Where's the guy at!? I'll marry him!!!


I wonder WTF Debra Joy's zodiac signs are.
lol @ 5:45 , there is no halfway with this guy

LOL she doesn't remember where the hell she met her first husband!!!

LMFAO she was literally thinking "I don't want to do this" WHILE taking her marriage vows!!!

ROFLMAO wow, just wow. Debra Joy... you are something.

I'm not sure what.

LMFAO shit is hilarious though.

6:45 OMG he burned all her slutty clothes!

"Now you guys, that's a real red flag okay."


Dude OMG husband one was violent as fuck...

And apparently not even hot. Laaame.

"He used to hide my birth control pills from me."

OMG. This story sounds like a freakin' damn nightmare.

LMFAO the public bathroom ROFL.

Whoa this Joe guy was a total prick, sitting on top of pregnant Debra Joy and smacking her in the face?!

I'd have divorced that motherfucker too!!!


Nuff said.
7:09 - 7:38...


Debra Joy is a fucking trip.
Well that's about enough of that shit for tonight.
wow her brother was killed, son is in prison  , had 6 marriages 

and she tells nice stories 

this is a cool lady , thanks for   revealing her MO
You're welcome babe.
what a mess

i mean her first boyfriend was a seemingly great guy that just wanted to have a happy life with her

she didn't wanna be touched

idk maybe she was molested ?

just utter chaos , so many chances to form a stable emotional and financial life and she walked away from each one

now she frets about money and having a place to stay

maybe she allowed her emotions to rule her life a bit too much ?

or is she finding spiritual peace somehow in this crazy journey ?

Debra Joy's life...

It's like a Lifetime movie that you don't want to shoot yourself in the face whilst watching.

"OD'd on some stuff called 'shrooms'... now if you don't know what that is, it's a really bad kind of mushroom."



Oh my.

This fucking lady...

Just wow.

Thank you God.

Thank you for Debra Joy.

I'd like to live that kind of exciting life full of storytimes I could share indiscriminately with random strangers decades from now.

Except like... without all the failed marriages.

2:22... OMG.

Sad Nana

This shit is monumentally fucked up. And she really does talk about it so nonchalantly. 

What in the fuck is it about Debra Joy that made all these dudes have a hard on for her??


She was showing pics of herself as a younger chick, and I mean she was pretty but. WTF?

I really need to know Debra Joy's zodiac signs. This shit is crazy and I wanna know her placements.

I'm trying to imagine her speaking as a younger woman to see what it would look like/sound like...

Was she just super endearing and loveable or something?

More people need to do this... more people need to tell their life stories on YouTube, just like this.

Everybody needs to share their life experiences with the entire world so we can all go "WTF?" together.

So we can all learn from one another. So we can know what to do and what not to do. 

Telling your life stories has gotta make you feel better too, it's gotta be freeing.

12:18 "She would show up out at his catfish farm..."

LMFAO I lost it. I fucking lost it. ROFLROFL.

Debra Joy never fails to entertain...

Very interesting story.
pretty powerful story about her little  brother   

She starts getting into the story at 3:45.

I wonder why her brother went down the road that he did.

8:32 wow. That's really sad.

10:40 LMFAO. WTF. Shit's making me hungry.

15:48 yeesh, this is sad. And on Christmas too.

What a fucking kick in the balls.

How unbelievably fucking devastating.

What a messed up story.

Makes you think about life.

Debra Joy says she misses Tank's "beefy engine" and his "skinny steering wheel"...

"I miss how huge he was"...

Am I the only one seeing all the sexual parallels here?

How is she managing to say super sexual stuff with no sexual undertones?


She's all emotional.

She had to sell Tank for gas mileage. She says she has to take some trips because she doesn't like to be 'confined in an apartment' and that taking care of an apartment is too much work.

LOL, Debra Joy is cute though.

I can't watch this whole video... next.

I sure the hell wouldn't be living in a van (of any size) with a friggen dog.

LOL. Just no.

Meh I can't finish this vid either.

LOL I do love Debra Joy though.

She's not like 100% up my alley, but she's cool.
"How is she managing to say super sexual stuff with no sexual undertones?"

remember she doesn't like to be touched , thus the multiple marriages

and i am seeing a common theme with these no-touch people and you MO ,lol
What, that I like people who don't like to be touched?

LMAO, that makes me sound bad.

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