Bjorn Ulvaeus, brain damaged Abba member, fighting for a cashless society
Bjorn Ulvaeus wants cash to be abolished because his son's apartment was robbed, and he had the epiphany that the robbers were going to convert the goods into money.

Let's not forget the guy is BRAIN DAMAGED.

This is the same guy who CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER TOURING WITH FUCKING ABBA!!!!!!!!

Yeah, that's right. The same guy who wants to do away with paper money entirely, LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER MONUMENTAL EVENTS IN HIS OWN LIFE.örn+Ulvaeus+...r+his+life


People like to speculate his memory loss was due to extensive drug use.

But really, the way he's acting now fighting so hard for a cashless society, it really makes me wonder if mind control isn't at play here. It sounds like some shit right out of Men In Black. Memories wiped and now he's a machine for the NWO agenda!!!
You can't MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!!
OH YEA let's listen to a fried old hippie who can't even remember his own life, let's take his word for it, a cashless society must be the answer to all the world's problems!! I wonder if he'll even remember advocating for a cashless society a year from now? LOL

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