Sewers: Is there a reason they want all the excrement in one place?
Perhaps they're harvesting energy from it?

Maybe it's a food source for something.
feces is most definitely a food source, and i'm not talkin about dung beetles here.

it's food for our food. not that our modern day poops are worth a shit, what with all the artificial crap we eat.

pandas have a gut bacteria that produces fucking rocket fuel. there are also precious metals in there and all sorts of other useful things. one being's waste is another being's treasure...
This is exactly what I was thinking man.

I bet it's some super underground shit (pardon the pun)... but I really would put money on the idea that people are employed as shit sifters. They probably take metal detectors in there and everything.

I bet it's a whole big operation.

But what's more... I bet there are beings who do feed on it, and I bet "they" know that.

I would also be willing to bet they look for certain kinda DNA in the dumplings... gnomesayin'?


1:02 - 1:50...

So THAT'S why there are sewers.

Gives "data dump" a whole new meaning...

To quote a YouTube troll, "who gives a flying shit anyway? " :)
No it flows downhill mate with water then they put it in ponds to air off and go back into the Earth from where it came in the first place.

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