Women being on top during sex is so unnatural...
Men are supposed to LAY THE PIPE... the HOLE doesn't jump up and GET ON the pipe.

The hole stays in one place. The pipe is put into the hole. BY A MAN.
I respectfully disagree only because i like having fun and all and any positions will be fun with the right person.
Sorry i just had to comment
(01-24-2017, 04:17 PM)Nb Wrote: I respectfully disagree only because i like having fun and all and any positions will be fun with the right person.

Thanks for your reply!!!

I'm not saying don't do it all...

Life (especially sex) is for having fun.

I mean of course there's a time and a place for bitches to be on top...

Even I would get on top if I was desperate enough...

Giant Banana
Desperate enough? No..you and me i know would be great..clear the house great.ever room great.. Im not trying to be s hot shot with some ego.no. no.. I just imagine and i believe..
I have a funny story that just happened over the past two nights..so i live in an apartment building. There are 350 appartments in this building..anyways this chick around 22 or 23 years old maybe has lived here with a friend for like 6 months way down my hallway. About a month ago she got her own appartment 2 doors down.

I always see her bringing like 4 or 5 dudes into her place but one of them is her boyfriend. Shes built like you and i say this because when she walks she walks like she weighs 400lbs. People have complained because if it and she lives slamming doors at all kinds of times at night. I can always tell when shes walking in the hallway.
Anyways sunday nightbat 12:30 im in bed and i hear her walking back and forth. My hallways are about 100 feet long or more..
Then i hear her knocking on doors... Then shes knocking on my door. Im in my underwear so i hurry and get dresses cause shes knocking like something is going on. I answer the door and she askes me if i have fucking sugar. Ya..i know.. So i took my whole sugar bowl cause i was kinda pissed and i gave her the whole thing.
She stared at it and i told her to keep it....sooooo last night...
Last night its about 1 in the morning and imbin bed again and there she goes..back and forth and now banging on doors agin. I look through the eyehole and shes knocking on peoples door and she looks real wabbly.
Now she comes to my door and knocks. I open the door and she looks high as a motherfucker.
You know what shebasked me???....... She asked me if i had any food. Im not joking.. I said to her " arnt you with your boyfriend and why dont you have food"? She said no hes not here but my friend is here. It was a lie cause i seen him come in with her.
So shes about to fall over..shes a good looking girl and before this she seemwd normal. So she didnt answer me but instead starting telling me another story and i really had had enough so i rold her to wait. She specifically asked for eggs like i was a grocery store.
So i gave her a carton of eggs and some cupcakes and bread and..oh some bacon.. She said thank you at least.  So now i wonder what tonight will bring.
Dude bro...

I hate to say this because I know you're a nice guy and all but. The more you give 'em, the more they're inevitably gonna try and take.

Next time she knocks and asks for some shit, first of all, don't even answer. That's what I do. I don't care if people know I'm home or not... I don't owe you to answer the door. Or the phone. Ever.

But... if you do answer, open up and be like, "Look lady, I was fine with helping you the way I did, but you gotta realize you're taking food out of my babychildren's mouths". She lies about having people over, so why not lie to her about having kids? "I have hungry mouths to feed, and I'm sorry you're having hard times but, my kids come first."

I mean seriously dude... you're gonna have to cut the cord somehow.

WHATEVER YOU DO, don't fuck her... for the love of all things sacred, that'll be what she tries to do next so just don't do it man. You've seen all those guys going in her place and you don't want ANYYY part of that shit!!!
Haa.. No i am not going to fuck her. To tell you the truth, she seems annoying anyways and i doubt i have anything in common with her besides the fact that we live in the same building. I thought about not answering the door and truthfully i did because she was banging on other peoples doors and i wanted her to stop. But if she keeps doing that shit they will complain. She seems like a most troubled person. There is just this vibe i got from her. Im not judging. Its just a feeling i got. Maybe im wrong and shes the best person in the world. Either way, its not my story.
Well dude if she has a bunch of guys hanging out at her apartment and she's knocking on doors testing who's gonna answer and whatnot...

She could be casing out victims for her and her man sluts to invade. In the middle of the fuckin' night by the sounds of it...
Not to be a Negative Nelly or a Debbie Downer or anything...

Giant Banana
If you mean that they will rob me then i have news for them, i have a black belt in "i dont give a fuck".
 I will beat the crap out of them one by one or all at the same time. Ive had my share of fights so im not to worried. But ya, i understand what your saying. You just cant trust many people these days.
I just wanted to bump this and add that I can't imagine ever being desperate enough to get on top, but if I ever am, I know it's time to floor it into a canyon.
Bump for truth!
What's unnatural about it? Dames take so long to cum that sometimes a dude gets tired of pumping and needs to take a break and let the chick take over for awhile. Why can't you janes learn to cum in a timely manner anyway?!?
It's not about reaching the orgasm as a female...

If we want to cum, we can do it on our own time.

Hey don't get me wrong, it's fucking great to cum during sex. Very hot.

But it's not a requirement... what we're after is the EXPERIENCE.

The experience of getting mercilessly fucking SLAMMED.
So if a guy can provide a mind-blowing foreplay experience but you don't cum during actual intercourse, that would be perfectly acceptable to you? This makes you a person of interest.
MO, you are my long lost twin. 

I totally agree with MO, you who wants a woman that's hard to please? Talk about high maintenance, what a waste of time plus that guy that's taking forever to fuck her isn't that much into her if he can hold back like that. A man that can get off in under a minute is a man that has a job supporting that woman that totally get's him off and he's got more important things to do.
(11-28-2017, 05:19 PM)Russian Bot Wrote: So if a guy can provide a mind-blowing foreplay experience but you don't cum during actual intercourse, that would be perfectly acceptable to you? This makes you a person of interest.

ALL that I want a guy to 'provide' to me sexually, is a nice hard fuck.

I don't care about orgasm.

I don't care about the length of time that I actually get fucked.

As Creamy essentially outlined...

Fast and hard is fine.

The longer you sustain the pounding, the better though...

Because it is very soothing.

So I'm just saying...

We'll take it any way we can get it as long as it's hard.

Quick, long lasting, whatever. As long as we're getting fucking plowed, it's all good.

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