The Sage Wanderer: This guy's got some crazy stories!!!
Have to start gently though with a thorough warm-up. Juice squeezing comes after Big Grin
Nah man, squeezing is the foreplay.
Bitches like to get tackled and held down right off the bat...

Save that slow shit for anywhere besides the bedroom.
*gets image projected in head*

I saw you going down pretty fast and hard into a bed while smiling in that very sexy way only you can smile...

I think I´m getting the picture... :D
Yes, it is very fun to be dominated.

Women absolutely love to be dominated by men.

Especially physically, there's little in the world more enjoyable.
In fact I would have to say physical domination by men is the only kind that is really that welcomed.

Intellectual domination, emotional domination, mental domination...

Those things aren't that fun and actually kind of piss me off, because of who I am on a personality level.

If I like a man enough, I'll allow him to dominate me in those ways...

But it's always a matter of me allowing it, because I always know what's going on, hard to fool me.
(01-24-2018, 06:17 PM)Trix Wrote: Intellectual domination, emotional domination, mental domination...

But it's always a matter of me allowing it, because I always know what's going on, hard to fool me.

Not feeling those areas either. I love a smart chick though.

And ya... I don´t doubt you´re hard to fool at pretty much anything, no surprise there Big Grin Clever girl.
Sometimes in those quiet moments during the afternoon i get to thinkin maybe trix is really off somewhere else and she lets her little brother post just for shots an giggles
Oh don't get me wrong, it can happen...

But typically there's no pulling the wool over my eyes.

I either play along, or I don't.

Cuz I do like to play.
Play around too much and I´d pull you by the hair real hard...
Teehee, that's so vanilla!

Crille are you a virgin!?

lol vanilla...

As I said before I so wish I could get my hands on you...

Okay, I believe you.
Big Grin ...

You actually gave me some adrenaline there... You might win the word game but the squeeze game Trixie... lol. *clenches fists*

Dayum! This guy can play the PIANO!
That piano sounds wonderful , kinda like elton johns at the grammys beautiful and crisp keys ... I am imagining him playing at that large texas club he mentioned on the last video
Yeah I agree...

But I gotta be honest, I had purposely avoided his music videos before just then when I posted that one.

I was waiting for the perfect time, cuz I wasn't sure what I'd think about it.

He's damn good...

Not that I figured he wouldn't be.

But I'd like to hear him play on a real piano...

That'd be pretty amazing.

Hard for a keyboard to deal with all that power.

I have to say Sage is very interesting... very very interesting.

Makes a great point at the end of the video about Dave Chappelle.

Very interesting... I haven't watched any of Dave's new stuff, so I don't have any opinion on this.

I find it really hard to believe that Dave Chappelle would inject himself into such a ridiculously divisive show.

You know...

Dave looks a little different and he sounds a little different. I know he's older than he used to be... but he's only 44.

I dunno...

Maybe he was just really hard up for money.

He does appear to be selling out though.

The thing is...

To ever get to the level he got to, he HAD to make that 'crossroads' agreement.

It seems like he decided to duck the rules and run away to Africa for a time in order to escape the blowback going against the agreement creates.

But it seems like regardless of whether you run or not, it always comes to a certain point where you have to choose...

Is it your time to go? Or are you gonna keep playing the game?

Looks like Chappelle chose to keep playing the game...

The only question now is...

Does he secretly have 'free-agent' goals, is he pulling a trojan horse?

Or is he just selling out for good?

Because he surely knows by now exactly the way the game goes.

He was dumb enough to convert to islam...

So it would stand to reason that he is morally lax enough to sell out and peddle the globalist agenda.

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