The Sage Wanderer: This guy's got some crazy stories!!!
Sage is starting a cult . mo will run the sectual chapter and all us dumbasses are expecpeted to attend this sunday

Lets try an dress up a bit folks off with them walmart sweats put on a hat and dress coat

5:58 he's right.
Brother sage :“The church has become a habitation for devils “

We must bow in prayer and ask God to help mother Russia rain down her Satan missiles upon these heathens in the west , I know mo is prepared and protected
Imagine the pure holy joy of watching Hollywood get nuked.
@18:45 damn he must be stressin about goin back to doordash, I wonder if he helps hisself to my fries

~23:00 great message... good service.

Super fascinating discussion.
This is what makes Sage's participation priceless.

Sage has a lot of knowledge... he's pretty incredible.
Well ok then.
But I don't wear hats n glasses.
He kind of looks like me a bit.

Seems like things aren't too far gone in this country after all...

4:45 you're damn right I don't attend church...

I left it in total disgust about 15 years ago when I got tired of the hypocrisy and the douchebags.
I might go to a church if I was gonna be there ALONE.

I do love beautiful church buildings, but over the years even in the span of my life, they've stopped going for beautiful and just decided to go for 'large'.
I've literally never seen a more childish group of adults in my life than the people I encountered in the church...

I'm serious.

And these were THE LEADERS, youth ministers, etc. I saw the actual preacher a few years back and he's like turned into some kinda super bitter, weird asshole.

This wasn't some small church either. I mean it wasn't huge but, it was not small.

I had been there longer than any of them. It was built in the mid-90s and I was the first person ever baptized in the newly built church, practically as a babychild.

I remember the church where services were held before that new location too, from when I was pretty much literally a baby.

They had nooo idea about my history there, whatsoever. They came along as newbs, and they chose to treat me like shit.

It's disgusting... they are scum. My honest thoughts. And even beyond the ridiculously childish adults, the sheer prominence of predators was just insane, and I'm talking BAD predators.

The church is THE LAST PLACE you wanna go these days if you're truly looking for a sense of togetherness, to share a love of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. It's the last place to go if you wanna feel accepted, included, or any other positive thing whatsoever.
(06-24-2022, 01:50 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: I saw the actual preacher a few years back and he's like turned into some kinda super bitter, weird asshole.

That church has tripled in size since then and his bitterness and total closed-mindedness has just deepened with that growth.
dude what if your uncle knocked you up , would you still deliverance the child ?
Well sure! And if it was my hot uncle, I might not even give the baby up for adoption!

He's Right You Know

I had already heard a lot of this, thanks to being born into a 'free thinking Bible scholar' family, which I'm really grateful for.

Sage's recent videos are truly excellent.

He makes very important videos and his knowledge base is impressive.

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