The Sage Wanderer: This guy's got some crazy stories!!!
(07-07-2022, 08:01 PM)DaFungus Wrote: oi kiss before ya miss me


Love ya, Fungi!!!

I love Sage's church hair.

He mentions what's her nuts a lot in this video and it seems to me like he will never forget about that chick... definitely a one-sided situation.

I think Sage has a lot of great qualities and is mostly right, but he doesn't have a 100% accurate perception of himself... which I'm sure has a lot to do with survival mechanisms.

I will just say, I'd never put up with his shit... but I sure do like watching/listening to him on the ol' magic box here.

He's totally on point re: interdimensional entities feeding on humanity and the Earth plane in general.

Loosh harvesting...

This is why mainstream media, advertising, marketing, etc. is centered around anything that can create fear.

The interdimensional negativity feeder entities can essentially possess humans too.

Those possessed humans love to make people do things they don't want to do so that they can feed on the sadness it produces... this is especially true about sexual acts.

4:00 preach it Sage.
10:09 TBH, same... I consider myself a nun these days. Not in a religious way, but in a spiritual way... I am spiritually devoted to the cause, and I am no longer seeking earthly shizzle. Just being real. I'm a cosmic nun now.
12:36 amen, so true.
The demonic archons NEVER want you to be who you truly are... they never want to see you empowered because if you're empowered, they can no longer feed on you.

4:00 Sage's videos are excellent and I really appreciate his Sunday sermons.
I bet if you randomly asked 10 different people what a soul is you would get 10 different answers
But would they all be saying the same thing in essence? I think so.

Sigh... Sage plays so pretty.

15:03 this whole video is so excellent but this part really cracked me up, Sage is such a great teacher and storyteller.

Sage says vulgarity is not the same as "cursing" and I tend to agree with him. When you get down to the linguistics of it, the history and meaning of the words... it becomes clear that verbal spellcasting has been a known thing since the dawn of civilization.

I really appreciate him raising this point, because I LOVE cussing!!1

Such a great video, I love Sage's discussions. There is a lot of wisdom in his videos.

6:28 I've seen the ghost of a dog too. It was the clearest ghost (details of the face etc.) that I've ever seen as well. Her name was Goldie and she was a very old dog, incredibly well behaved... I only ever heard her bark maybe 3 times in the years we had her. Most 'different' dog I've ever personally met. Anyway, she'd been dead for at least a year at the time I saw her, maybe longer.

I think it's good that Sage has seen ghosts... I feel bad for people who never have.

"Ghosts" are stains on the fabric of spacetime, I discussed my opinions here...

9:45 I'm so proud of Sage for knowing the truth about these things... usually people who identify as Christians just can't go there. I think all of that is changing though. As we move away from the isolation and cruelty of "the church", Christians are gonna evolve into something better, fusing deeper understandings of spirituality and esotericism with the traditional faith.

12:15 I think poltergeists are generally considered just ghosts that can move things around. You usually only hear of people having negative experiences with them though. I've had ghosts who could move objects... never had an overtly negative or scary experience with them. I've actually only heard of them getting scary with people who they didn't like, and I assume they didn't like those people because those people were evil, lol. That's just my theory. My experiences with them have ranged from neutral to very friendly... it seemed like they just wanted to make sure they were known. Nothing wrong with that.

Sage, baby, keep preaching that sweet, sweet gospel. For real.

His channel doesn't really get that many views now, and it's too bad, but it's to be expected.

He is doing GREAT WORK. And he should keep doing it no matter what.

The way he delivers the message is perfect. He is by far the greatest preacher I have EVER heard.

True excellence. I'm very grateful for what he is doing. God bless you, brother Sage.

It's over, guys.

The ultimate proof that the church has been taken over by an evil agenda.


I'm a Christian and I will never again step foot into a church service as long as I live.
That church lady is also a vaxxtard

Rev. Heather Patriacca Tolleson

12:12 this part cracked me up so fucking hard lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23:24 I'm calling bullshit on that...

Back when divorce wasn't an option, women were financially enslaved by men. End of story. There was no 'going deeper' and reaching common ground. Women had to live in situations with their owner, and they had to put up with whatever abuse or other foul behavior was thrown their way because the system made sure that women couldn't survive without men in those days. Once you got married and started a family, you were completely fucked.

If you really think men were negotiating with their wives, you're naive. A slave owner doesn't negotiate with the slave.

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