Just say no to virtual reality, just say no to merging your consciousness with robots
(01-15-2018, 03:57 PM)MO Wrote: I have often said, I wish I could download certain peoples' brains into my brain.

I mean it too.

I think that would be great.

But there is a difference between recording the information/data of someone's brain...

And taking a living person, putting their body on ice, and merging their consciousness with a robot or a computer.

Taking a 'map' of the brain and therefore the information stored within it is one thing. It's like taking a picture of something, and all the info is recorded in that picture.

It's no more the ACTUAL CONSCIOUSNESS of the person than a book or a photo is the ACTUAL EMBODIMENT of whoever wrote it, or whatever is shown therein.

The merging of the consciousness with machine is an entirely different matter...

When they hook you to the 'virtual reality' machine, and your body goes limp, and you enter into a VR world... that is not the same as doling out 5000 copies of Bob's brain map in chip form.

It's GIVING OVER of one's time, power, and mind to a MACHINE and a FAKE reality. It's giving over one's LIFE FORCE, in real time, to a machine.

Your body will lay motionless, dormant and stagnant while your mind is lollygagging around in some stupid made up crap... the body will have to be kept alive via all forms of unnatural manipulation.

If ANY of the machinery fails for any reason (EMP, etc.) your body dies, and the machine is fried... therefore, you die.

All that keeps you consciously experiencing this reality is the tether from your HUMAN BODY (natural life force) to EXISTENCE (natural life force)...

If you were to sever the connection between your HUMAN BODY and EXISTENCE, that is if you were to agree that your consciousness may be 'uploaded' into a machine, and your human body KILLED... you would cease to consciously experience life in existence. You would be no more conscious than a video game character, because then all the machine would be dealing with is your brain map.

All that allows you to interface with machines, using your brain map, is your HUMAN BODY via its connection to EXISTENCE.

This whole thing is so unbelievably dumb.

Thank you for this, someone must take a stand for Goodness, Truth and Beauty!
"Hey everyone, we developed a photo-realistic game engine that can run on current computers. I mean, it's not that we have this advanced technology already developed and just trickle it down to you peasants when we need to further our agenda."

Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Thing is, it’s not 2009 anymore...

People don’t want this.

We’ve moved on, or perhaps more fittingly, we’ve moved back.

We’re more focused on the retro and vintage now.

Humanity will ask for one thing one day and something different the next day.

Focus is shifting and this hyperreal fake shite isn’t where it’s at.
(05-21-2019, 11:25 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Focus is shifting

It’s already shifted.


Just say no to this demonic shit...

Always say no.

Always remember what I've said.

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