Favorite ways to eat rice...
I love rice, it's such a staple!

Right now I'm eating white rice with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Such a nice snack! I've made rice pudding before, but I see this as a fast way to achieve mostly the same effect.

My favorite is chopped strawberries in white rice. It's so good.

I think the moral of the story is you can do basically anything with rice.

Lately I've been making broccoli cheddar rice, and that's really good. I just mix together butter, milk, cheese, shitload of minced garlic, bunch of salt, put in a little bit of broccoli and then add in the rice which I've already cooked. It's so easy, OMG! Woot!

Love it! I made that for dinner earlier, with green beans and some awesome fish. It was amazeballs.
First of all, you used the term amazeballs... *thinks*.... Yeah ok FISTBUMP! Dunny why but most people who´d use that term are probably cool people? You know what I mean? Like an sjw would never say "that´s amazeballs!" And you know I´m fucking right.


I like rice, just boiled. Some salt. Boom. Then I eats.

But broccoli cheddar rice does sound good Big Grin
I wanna eat rice from your mouth btw.
That would be so yummy actually... :D
Dude are you trying to arouse me right now bro?

Because it's working.
It takes some effort to make real sushi rice, especially the type you eat out of Vaginas, it must be made in a special way with sushi vinegar.
I just got the idea of doing that and... What it would feel like to meet your lips...
That would be amazeballs... :D
But the rice only lasts for so long...
(01-19-2018, 12:44 AM)Crille Wrote: I just got the idea of doing that and... What it would feel like to meet your lips...

Sounds like you've never done such a thing? You should def try it. But you must do it hygienically no yeast infections wanted.
(01-19-2018, 12:17 AM)Crille Wrote: I wanna eat rice from your mouth btw.


cheesy rice is always good, i used to make ricer casseroles with boiled chicken thighs and legs. then use that water to pour over the rice seasoned and layer american cheese slices, Swiss and regular orange american i used together. oh yeah there were some carrots and celery or broccoli mixed in with the rice first, then i would put the chicken on top of all that, cover with foil and bake for around 40 minutes. that was so good and fattening.
sticky jasmine rice is the best. i prefer it savory although there are times i'll prefer it with honey mustard or terikyaki with chicken.

i put bragg's nutritional yeast seasoning as well as bragg's liquid aminos on my rice. sometimes it'll be a heap of turmeric. much like how bread is the canvas on which to paint your sandwich, rice is my canvas on which to paint my meal.
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i stopped eating rice, it doesn't provide any nutritional value, just empty calories. I feed it to my kids now to fatten them up, with a can of sardines and ranch, they love that.
Brown rice is a little better for that than white rice... but white rice tastes better.
jasmine rice tastes the best! when i was doing my blood type diet is said eat all the carbs i wanted, rice was one and 30 pounds later i sort of regretted it. now that i've lost the weight plus some i am horny af.
You have exquisite taste, Creamy. Exquisite.
(01-18-2018, 10:07 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: My favorite is chopped strawberries in white rice. It's so good.

Parsley adds a very special and surprisingly enhancing twist on the flavor...

Splash it with some lemon juice.

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