When people say they'll choose not to reincarnate because they 'had enough'...
I just LOL.

When it's game over, your consciousness doesn't give a SHIT about this reality. It was like one level of an endless game, and that's about as much as it means to who/what you REALLY ARE.

So to say, "Oh I had enough in this life, I'm not coming back!" It's just hilarious.

You just wait...

You'll be taking a ride again. Because when it's game over, it'll have been like a mere moment and it won't matter to you at all whether you come back again, or incarnate elsewhere. But chances are, you will come back... HERE. Again.

You will...

We all do.

We always will.
There are other worlds and places we can incarnate I'm sure...

I mean really that's a matter of perspective and opinion too.

But to say you've had the 'ultimate life' on this ride, and to say that you're not coming back, because it was as good as it could be, or it wasn't good at all...

When you get off the ride, you will not care about any of those things.

You won't care about it. Not any of it at all.

And you'll come right back.

Because it's not a big deal.
I´m coming back as a methane breathing flying lizard on a red and green metallic planet several galaxies away.

It´s just a hunch though.
Well its been terrifying so maybe if there is reincarnation perhaps i paid some dues for whatever the last fucker did on this earth cuz right now it doesnt make sense to me
You'll be very surprised once it's over...

You'll instantly understand, and at the exact same time you'll not care.

At all.

It's actually quite funny.

The disembodiment...

The consciousness 'above' this incarnation finds this incarnation to be quite funny.

Like I said the other day, it's ridiculous...


But we keep doing it because we think it's fun.

This lady's story is pretty pertinent to the whole topic.
That was captivating.
I really don't think I want to reincarnate on this Earth.
Maybe another Earth-like planet, w/o all the torture, rape, murder and
war. A place that's evolved past all that.
We just keep coming back...

Over and over and over again.
You gotta be careful with those old photos...

They are special.

I dunno if it was because of the more involved process of the photo taking back then...

Or if it was because it was a new concept and people viewed it as magical/with a sense of wonder...

Or maybe both...

But you can make a connection with consciousnesses who were once attached to the people in very old photographs...

I've done it more than a few times, and even experienced it whilst viewing that very video.
It makes sense though, because "individuals" are just consciousness vector points, portals...

It makes total sense that you could view one and then be able to tap into the consciousness which once connected to and perceived the world through that specific lens.
so do you believe that victims of heinous crimes are just people who deserve it because of past lives that they lived not quite up to snuff ?

Not really.
It's said that we play every role and see all sides...

So the killer has been the victim and vice versa.

But if you look at it for what it really is, there's only one consciousness and it has been/is literally everything, so there's no true relevance to the "bad karma from a past life" approach.

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