Kelli In the Raw: Gods/Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Angels... They're ALL Reptilians!!!

*rolls eyes at Crille*
Man I agree with Kelli...

Honest to God I really do.

I mostly really do.

Only mostly. Just not completely.
^That´s like a weird poem.
59:00 you know it's interesting... I DON'T disagree with her on this. I mean it's good to know. If we can remember...

When you die, hey give it a sec. Maybe don't go right into the light, maybe give it a little bit and think about it.

Feel around, check things out.

But if it's a 'non-live, test-mode' version of this freaking reality matrix...

Even if there IS 'God consciousness' and access to all info there in that state...

If you're still hanging around test-mode reality matrix, then what in the heck is the POINT of having access to that info?

S'all I'm saying.
(01-22-2018, 05:51 PM)Crille Wrote: 1:09:22 ......

Huh Huh Huh

LOL, ah yeah.

That's what a lot of these 'energy healer' chicks do.

At least Kelli does it with some spunk and talks and stuff.

You can find a shitload of channels who do this if you search 'reiki healing'...

Literally all their videos are them sitting there in SILENCE, with their hands up.

No BS, look...

Now I am NOT embedding this video to make fun. I am NOT insinuating that she's not really attempting to do what she claims. I'm only trying to show you...

Kelli is more entertaining than some others.
(01-22-2018, 07:10 PM)MO Wrote: At least Kelli does it with some spunk

Yeah you can tell she believes 100% in the reality of it. Not 99.999%, but 100%.
(01-22-2018, 05:51 PM)MO Wrote: Kelli always has "allergies"...

I've noticed this with some people.

What's the deal with that?

She needs Pollen Block Big Grin
LMAO oh my God...


Oooohhhh Alllleeeexxxxx.
Rolleyes lol
Big Grin


This is why having a husband isn't worth it!

And this is also why the ASMR genre was invented...

ASMR was invented by housewives who wanted to make YouTube videos without their husbands knowing.

But seriously, if I was Kelly I'd beat the shit out of my husband for trying to fuck up my videos...

Sounds like a needy, selfish piece of shit to me.
Aww and she says "he´s not a bad person". That´s a shame.

It´s so god damn annoying actually that she thinks that.
If you respect someone you will respect their right to do and think whatever the hell they want, period. I don´t buy the "he´s more supportive now" stuff.

It´s sad too because she seems like a person who might be too sweet to stand up for herself against him. Not that she should have to do that in the first place...

Kelli almost kinda scares me a little bit.
(01-22-2018, 10:47 PM)Crille Wrote: If you respect someone you will respect their right to do and think whatever the hell they want, period. I don´t buy the "he´s more supportive now" stuff.

What's kind of strange is...

I remember some lady on YouTube I used to watch saying that her husband is "obsessed" with her.

Now I don't know how long I've been watching Kelli, but it seems like I saw this video with this chick saying this years ago.

I don't know if it was her... seems like it was. I could be wrong though.

But it was basically about how she thinks that her husband is an alien and all this other stuff, and then she said that he is obsessed with her... and ALL OF THAT sounds like some shit Kelli would say.

Maybe I will happen across that video again if it was her.
Maybe he´s some psycho or something. If you had a partner and your disapproval of their hobby lead you to forcing them into a closet to do their hobby, and you didn´t immediately go "wtf am I doing to my partner" then I wouldn´t be surprised if he is some type of control-freak psycho.
And Kelli, being far out there, takes his behavior as he´s an alien lol... Aww that´s actually horrible but kinda funny to me lol.

10:36 yuuuuuuup.

See this is why I dig Kelli.

LOL everybody's cracking titty jokes in the comments...

Those knockers are real, you can tell by her build.

Why would God give somebody titties that big??

Seems like too big a burden to... bare.


I had to.

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