David Palmer: The Leo King Astrology and Spirituality
Shit is getting bizarre as fuck...


(09-07-2022, 04:01 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Her YT channel has ~80 subs and no vids right now, but I expect that she will start reading tarot or something so she can capitalize on being with David while the getting's good.

She just put out her first vid... lol, I'm so good.

It's just the typical airy-fairy "divine feminine" stuff. No tarot... so she needs to get her shit together.

Maybe that's not a sure-fire approach anymore though... that's what his ex-wife did and that was years ago.
I'm trying to watch the video and I am not gonna link it here because it's just... way too early on in whatever she's trying to do. I'd legitimately feel bad if I linked it because there's a lot she needs to work out with her setup. The volume is horrendous and she's not that confident talking to the camera. She'll get better at it.

She's not wrong about most of what she's saying, but it's completely erroneous to blame the witch burning thing on "Christianity"... catholicism is not Christianity, and the catholics were the ones who murdered people.

David needs to set her straight on her history. If she's gonna be his woman, then he needs to make sure she has a better setup to make videos and that she knows basic shit like the difference between Christians and catholics.
I could critique her on a catty level... but the things I'd point out are really not her fault, or even a fault at all.

It's just that David would look like an idiot with her... not because of her, but because of him.

No big deal, he's allowed to be cringey and douchey and embarrass himself, but if this chick is gonna deal with him, she better at least get a leg up.
Like FFS, if they're sooooooo meant for each other, then why the fuck didn't he make sure she had better equipment to make her debut video on? I don't even know why it came out the way it did. I guess she's just a noob at this. Maybe David's too far up his own ass to actually be of any use to her.
Maybe he's just testing the waters with her and he knows he's an absolute dumbass deep down inside so he doesn't wanna set anything in stone yet. Like, okay. But stop talking about her on your shows if you're not gonna make sure she has a quality boost right out of the fucking gate... make it worth it for her.
If he's gonna be the Leo King, then she needs to be the Pisces Queen.

She's selling herself short if you ask me. I doubt she'll be able to put up with David longterm just because he's so high maintenance, but if she's gonna play ball then she better aim high.
I mean, I like David, but he's damn near 40... just like any other older dude with a young chick, he looks like a moron. You'd think these guys would stop and consider how being with a younger chick just puts a massive spotlight on all their issues and everything that's wrong with them, but they can't see it. Exalt the bitch if you're gonna take up her time.

I dunno who's putting the block on this... maybe it's her. Maybe she knows the situation is kinda dumb and she doesn't wanna depend on him too much.

But all's fair... she needs to look at what works. Look no further than his ex-wife. And I don't believe his ex started her channel just to capitalize on being with David, I think she has a true gift/calling... she's really fucking good at what she does. It's clear this girl has the same potential, but she needs to clamp that divine clam right over the goalpost and milk it for all it's worth.
Take the fucking guy for a ride like one of his leased sports cars. Strike while the iron is hot.
David could at least buy her an iPhone 20 or whatever the newest shit is. There's no need to reinvent the wheel here.
As far as catty goes, I will say this, and really it isn't catty as much as it is true...

She needs to stop making appearances on that cringey as fuck green screen 'divine feminine' podcast with the random dude guest hosts who are clearly only there to chase fruity new age tail... lmao.

That show would be fine if there WERE NO MEN ON IT and they didn't use the atrocious green screen.

I'd ditch them and grind the fuck out of my own channel if I was the Pisces Queen.
I guarantee she straight up seriously just doesn't know HOW to do this.

The women in David's friend group need to step the fuck up and mentor her or something.

She's going in blind as shit, and the only way to improve is to grind out content.

Being there in the beginning of her channel is gonna be a bumpy ride, but years from now she could be in a successful place.

Hopefully David doesn't just tie her down and make her into his perfect breeder... she absolutely will leave him when she gets older.

The best thing she can do is try to take some pointers from the women who work at High Vibe and let them teach her how to dominate this game.
I'm glad she made that video though, I like her. I think she needs to take notes and read from bullet points though, she needs something to ground her while she talks.
Looks like David stepped the fuck up and gave the Pisces Queen a quality boost... thank God, I was about to be ashamed of him.

She has a rebranding (or, just a branding in general since she didn't really have one before) and some good quality photos with the High Vibe touch for her social media profiles.

Won't really know how hard David came and delivered until she uploads a new video though... that'll tell the story.

To be very clear, there's nothing wrong with her message or her in general... it's just that she needs an anchor, like a pretty book of notes to use as an attention decoy while she's talking. She just needs quality control checks for her videos (volume, etc.) and she's good.

She's gotta learn to do all these things herself though... it's fine to start off with some pointers and assistance from a seasoned team like High Vibe, but she needs to be able to do it all herself in case the relationship with David falls through. It's kinda like school.
Okay so she posted a new video with her improved format, and I'm digging it.

The lighting is POPPIN', she looks great, audio is on point... looks like a divine hottie just landed from Planet Sexy.

She's got a good background going on, the aesthetic is definitely improved and acceptable. Nice colors around... well done, good work.

I can definitely relate to the fairy thing. I remember back like a million years ago when I was tripping balls in Amsterdam, I looked in the mirror and realized I was a fairy... unforgettable moment for sure!?

Seems like she's approaching topics that aren't TOO common... these aren't topics that I've personally seen talked to death on YouTube in the mystic circles, so I definitely think she has useful things to add to the global discussion.

Props to whoever stepped up and helped her out, she seems like a great chick and she really deserves it.

16:54 wow, what a dumbass.

4:10 this is the kind of stuff that redeems David though. It's hard to dislike him for being a dumbass when he does have redeeming qualities. Men totally fail on romance/love, they're just idiots... animals. But when it comes to the other aspects of life, they can be really useful.

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