David Palmer: The Leo King Astrology and Spirituality
God I'm so good.
I hope she really does document the journey and doesn't just drop the ball... I mean, she's gonna have a lot on her plate and YouTube doesn't really matter, so it's fine if she does.

But I would enjoy seeing her vlogs about being all preggnit and sheeit. I feel like maybe she just didn't know what to talk about and make videos about before, so maybe this will give her something to vlog about.
She's gonna be solid on this whole motherhood thing, but David? Lol! I hope he's got a huge apartment or house or two apartments, because he's never gonna get any rest whatsoever when he's at home. From now on. The guy has no idea what the fuck he's gotten himself into. Maybe it's time for this to happen in his life though, cuz how long can you really go as hard as David's been going for the past 10 years?? I'm happy that he gets to start a family, but I'm on her team... hopefully David is gonna know his place. His exes are probably hearing about this and thinking, "God please help that girl to put up with David's ridiculous ass."

Go ahead and say astrology is bullshit.

2:44... damn.

And this all came out because TPTB under the guise of DailyWire tried to get Steven Crowder under their control too.

Totally fucked.

They've been doing this for a long time...

Getting "alternative" personalities and sites under their umbrellas for easy eventual takedown.

(01-21-2023, 04:47 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Getting "alternative" personalities and sites under their umbrellas for easy eventual takedown.

I can't say any specifics, but I will say this...

A lot of "alternative" sites are under a single umbrella too...

InfoWars is one of them.

So anybody who knows how to go digging into what that umbrella might be...


You can then look into how many other sites are controlled by them as well.

Time to stop taking in any type of information from these controlled personalities and sites...

God, it's all so clear now.

"All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie"

Hopefully not quite that bad...
But it seems like there's a Dylan lyric for everything

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