David Palmer: The Leo King Astrology and Spirituality
Dude there's nothing wrong with David, chill. LMFAO.
Well, I don’t think there is. I don’t know if he is right or wrong about his surmisals, but I think he does point towards a truth. I do want to know more about him but I don’t have the opportunity to study his teachings tonight.
(03-10-2019, 07:35 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

20:23 LOL.
20:45 LMFAOLOLOL fucking love this guy.
1:03:00 these talks with David are really great.

I like David's style, I think it's nice. I like his necklaces and the scarf and whatnot.

It's kinda different, but it doesn't take a toll on his manliness.

Some of the pants I've seen him wear in the past are fucking terrible though, skinny jeans shit.
Dancing Banana 
Not to be trite and superficial or anything.

But if I wouldn't even wear pants that tight, a man shouldn't be.

7:20 LMFAO it's so true...

I would have been getting that sweet piece of meat on that fucking door.

24:40 he's so right. Gilligan's Island IS looking so nice right now.

I used to pretend to be Ginger stranded on Gilligan's Island.
The other day I was watching old MTV shit, random
I saw this guy "Dave" I just knew I had seen him before, the more I watched I was like holy shit its THE LEO KING!


I did some bio snooping after and found out he was on Next too! LOL

His dad is a fucking perv ewwww!
Yeah he tried super hard to do the hollywood thing.

Is this the same lady who was playing his mom in that episode?


Looks like her.

I found that connected to his LinkedIn.

I find it hard to believe those people in the episode were actually his parents...

I'm looking through his IG to see if he's ever posted any pics of them.

Then I found this:


Apparently he and his wife went separate ways.

I figured they wouldn't last, but it wasn't because they didn't seem pretty good together...

I just feel like there's so much vapid superficiality in their lives...

Can anything genuine really exist in that setting? I dunno.

That MTV shit is the cringiest thing I've ever seen in my life though, and that's saying quite a lot.
Here's a pic of his dad, not a great one though...


7:11 in that video, I guess it could be the same guy. Looks like the same kinda nose. Need better pics though.

Yeah it's the same guy...


So I guess that's really his mom too. Not looking through his pics anymore.

Wonder what the heck happened between David and his wife??

She was a fair bit younger than him...

Wonder if she found somebody else, or if he did?

Leos are notoriously unable to be faithful on any level whatsoever.

Not saying it was him, or either one of them, really. But one of course naturally wonders.
I wonder if they just didn't get along anymore or something.
I hope David isn't too sad about it.
Cringey MTV past considered, David is a damn good astrologer and speaker in general...

He really has done well for himself.

He's got some great insights and I find him to be totally right on.

They're talking about some pretty deep and right on shit in this interview TBH.

Great message from David, this is an important time.

9:54 you ain't kiddin'.

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