David Palmer: The Leo King Astrology and Spirituality
(06-22-2020, 11:09 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:


I feel like David & Craig (Deep Love Tarot) are the Home Shopping Network (HSN) of YouTube astrology/tarot.

And I love it.

They are ADORABLE.

David is pretty savage with his truth though, he reminds me of myself.

I think Craig brings a great element to the whole thing and he gives good insights too...

And Craig kinda looks like what would be a hollywood-esque portrayal of Jesus, which I kind of love.

Dude at one point in that video, Craig pulls out a fucking tuning fork (as a novice) and melts panties with these BALLER tones that sound amazeballs in the mic...

David describes it as "orgasmic" and I fucking agree.

Craig's delivery of the tuning forks was fucking spot on and I am lit.

I think it was around like 1:20:00 in the vid but honestly no idea.

YouTube needs to have a better timestamp system on livestreams...

The way they do it now is stupid.
I have never been into watching YouTube channels that involve 2 people...

But I think David did it right with having Craig be on the show as a co-host.

Craig is CHILL. He's relaxed, he's easy-going. But he's honest, which is what sets him apart. Both he and David speak some hardcore truth and that's why I like these guys.

There are some pretty hardcore astrology/tarot dudes out there...

And chicks too but I don't like watching the chicks that much.

The Peace Dealer (TPD) has been laying down some intense truth lately and I think he's more legit than David is, even though I think David is one of the greatest of all time...


Some of these astrologers are correct and being honest about WTF is going on in the world right now.

I'm kind of amazed at their level of hardcore truth...

I think eventually they'll either be censored off or they'll sell out.

That or people will stand for their right to free expression.
LOL this shit going down is kind of intense, but it's pretty fascinating as well.

It could be said that your astrology chart (and astrology in general) is the lens through which you view/perceive reality.

David sorta gets freaked out by propaganda in the media sometimes.

I think Craig has a more easy going approach and personality...

It's a good balance for David.
I hope David doesn't get all weird and hung up in the ego about how well liked Craig is.

I think if he didn't like Craig...

He wouldn't be on the fuckin' show with Craig.
David is pretty smart, but I think he gets too freaked out.

It's possible to take the astrology stuff too seriously.

Surprisingly he actually does a great job not letting it rule his life...

Even though he's literally an astrologer and does this all day every day.
Brando Eyeroll

15:25 looks like David's got it weighing pretty hard on him right now.

It's tough to be a history buff with the lineage he has and see the writing on the wall about the future of this country/the world, and nobody listens.
People are so judgmental. I can't and would not want to have the gift David was given and try and channel it out into the universe in a way that people can understand the servarity of what he is saying. I have a question:
For one thing it is not the: ->> "take the astrology stuff too seriously" <<- the astrology he has as the main focus that he is trying to channeling out for those of us who do not understand the astronomy-placements of the stars- and movements, timings. and how that plays into the astrology. I have no doubt the last line was not correct, that is not my forte' it is David's! It does not matter, my point is instead of looking to judge maybe we can listen to learn. ? ✌Out
No, it's right to judge people...

That's how we survive.

We judge people and situations and we avoid suspicious things.

So, Steely, well said, but you're preaching to the choir.

David himself would probably say that you DO need to judge people...

It is what it is.

If you're trying to assert that I'm hating on David in this thread, well you're an idiot.

You can't come into a site with this many posts and then act like you read it all in 5 minutes...

I think they call that being judgemental, because being judgemental stems from a place of ignorance and unless you've read the whole thread, you're ignorant about what I've said here, thus ignorant to come judge me.
Casting judgement on people is different than judging people and situations... one is condemnation and the other is mere assessment.
I'll give you a hypothetical...

Lisa is a cool chick, but she's a casual drinker and buys everybody a round of beer when she's feeling herself on Friday nights.

What if I was an alcoholic? Even though I like Lisa and she's a lot of fun, I can't hang out with Lisa when she goes out drinking... I may not be able to say no to that beer! One beer to a non-alcoholic isn't gonna set their life on a downward spiral. But for an alcoholic, it's very very serious.

So I judge that I can't go out with Lisa and the girls, because THAT setting and THAT situation is dangerous for me on a personal level.

Does that make Lisa a bad person? Does it mean Lisa fucking sucks and I hate her? Uh, no, it means I can't hang out with Lisa when she goes drinking on Friday nights.

It is what it is man.

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