David Palmer: The Leo King Astrology and Spirituality
But I mean, really...

Why DOES Aaron Doughty have a million fuckin' YouTube subscribers?

I've never heard of the guy...

How does Aaron have over a million subs after making vids for 6 years, and David's sitting at under 200k after 10 years?

Aaron's first public video is from 2015, and it's just some clickbaity shit, looks like he was just trying to rip off Ralph Smart.

Meanwhile, David's first public video is from 2011. And beyond just how fucking OG David truly is, he's also way more interesting right off the bat. David was filming some of his earliest videos at the park because he was basically homeless, I mean...

David is obviously the better content creator, the more driven, the more focused and devoted of the two just by looking at it on its face.

I'm sure David's far superior to this Aaron dude (no offense) in so many more ways than just that, but that's what I see foremost.

Aaron's content is... anything but original. I guess that's how he got over a million subs... pandering to what's popular and capitalizing solely on his looks.

David's ex will most likely come to lament ever having parted ways with him and I'm guessing it'll take her another 5 or 6 years before she truly realizes what a great partner she had.

Regardless, I'd be fucking disgusted if Aaron was trying to pirate my brand if I were David... because it's so clear that Aaron doesn't have the ability to come up with anything original.

I will tell you exactly what is going on here...

Aaron's a plant (contracted YouTuber) and this is what's happening...


(07-03-2018, 01:51 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: That's what corporate YouTube does...

It takes whatever organically comes up in the ranks of popularity, and it invents and contracts its own mass-marketable version of the fad... and it has to be safe for the masses, it has to be somebody non-controversial who doesn't upset all the masses who are brainwashed retards.

. . .

Pioneers of this popular 'trend' will get their notoriety and enjoy their snowball effect popularity... but eventually corporate YouTube will inundate the platform with their FAKE versions of the real thing. THEIR STOOGES are the ones who will be sponsored and get to the top via algorithms etc.

Anybody who tries to follow the trend (because of algorithms) will only end up bolstering the stooges they've put in place by turning the tables and making it seem like THE REAL, ORGANIC trend setters are the ones who are 'imitating' and 'following' these contracted STOOGES YouTube will put in place.

And it doesn't matter that people have been making videos longer than these new pieces of shit who will spring up... because mindless dumbfuck retard masses don't pay attention to the FACTS. They follow the HERD.

. . .

That's what I HATE about all this algorithmic, AI non-sense... it can't fucking think for itself, it has no creativity, it has to fucking STEAL from the pioneers and geniuses who come up with this shit ORGANICALLY. Corporate fucking YouTube has no soul and no creative ability of its own... it just steals from entities who DO.
(04-25-2021, 11:54 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Aaron's a plant (contracted YouTuber) and this is what's happening...

And in 2021, this is way less 'mysterious' than it was even a couple years ago.

Sponsorships, ad placements, brand deals...

These are all forms of contracting.

Anyone who runs their channel solely on sponsorships, ads, brand deals HAS to censor and alter themselves to SOME degree.

They have to dim the light of truth to SOME degree in order to sell the products or do whatever other kind of placement is required by their sponsor.
I just looked up the compat between Leanna (The Gem Goddess) and Aaron...





OMG, the biocompat percentage is the same between her and David... AND AARON.

Which means Aaron must be highly compatible with David... this explains why there's so much hardcore ego between them.

They're all at around 80% toward one another. Looks like some kinda karmic love triangle to me, fricken lol!

44:00 David has a good heart and he speaks with a lot of conviction and soul...

It's too bad the astrology community has kind of gone separate ways!!!
He really knows his history, and he understands it all... he's a very intelligent man.

A lot of people can recite, but you can tell David really knows the game just by the way he talks.
Leo's are Lions, they will just eat you cos they can.

14:12 even in this vid, David is speaking about some next level shit re: current events...

Seems like all of his videos are worth a watch these days

David is a real man who knows history and understands war and strategy...

I appreciate him being big enough to stand for something, even if some of this has caused his inner circle to go separate ways.

It's because they're all approaching this as leaders, and they all want to fight the war in a different way.

1:11:36 he's even talking about the Carrington Event.

The truth is always somewhere in the middle though... David is right about a lot of things, there are some inescapable truths here.

But it doesn't mean doom, it doesn't mean it's all screwed and we're ALL gonna die. It's gonna make for a good story, and maybe a shitload of people will die, but not everyone will.

I'm glad he's trying to make people aware of this kinda stuff. People need to understand what's going on... there's something beautiful in seeing behind the curtain, seeing the cycles and patterns on a macro level instead of being lost in the weeds.
David mentioned the Suspicious0bservers YouTube channel on one of his recent vids, I guess it was that same one where he mentioned the Carrington Event...

I went over to their channel and apparently this is what everybody's all freaked out about...


I always laugh when I see people so upset about little CMEs like this and I hearken back to the 2003 "Mack Daddy" flare which is my all time favorite....


There's a .gif movie of it somewhere, but if you just search '2003 cme gif' you will see it in there with a ton of other just absolutely fucking massive flares, lmao.

The sun is asleep right now y'all. Bottom line. He'll wake back up eventually but right now he's asleep and this activity is not a big deal.
David's new GF looks literally exactly like his ex wife...

New one:




A lot of times, the only thing that makes smart men look stupid is their love lives.
His ex probably would find that pretty creepy and gross... she's probably glad she got away, lmao!

No offense to David, I totally dig the guy and I do think he is incredibly intelligent and right on.

An entire history themed astrology discussion with Professor Anne!

I love this set they've built, it's gorgeous.

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