christian brando , funny interview
i think this guy interviewing is pretty funny  , nothing like wasted gay older effeminate guys  

christian is so 'pretty' as a guy i think i would be a bit uncomfortable around him

Ah man he was a sweet piece of meat back then...

Absolutely delicious.

Too bad he's dead.

Ah wow...

So he shot/killed his half-sister's BF because she said that her BF was abusive.

His sister (who was 20 at the time of the shooting), committed suicide in 1995 (at the age of 25) after losing custody of her kid.

So poor Christian shoots a guy for his sister, then his sister, who might have been lying about the abuse, kills herself just before (or after?) he gets out of prison after serving 5 years.

That's some real weird karma there!

Christian, a Dog on the Chinese zodiac... not surprising at all!

My kinda guy.

It says he may have been involved in Bonnie Lee Bakley's murder too...

Christian, you bad boy!
So Christian and his sister Cheyenne had different mothers...

Both of their troubled lives then can only be chocked up to Marlon's side of the family.

Obviously it's Marlon's genetics that were the problem.

Cheyenne had been diagnosed schizophrenic, did stints in drug rehab, accused Marlon of molestation and said that he was also involved in killing her BF... then she hung herself (or was 'suicided', but judging by the fact she was also a Dog on the Chinese zodiac, I'll just assume she really did kill herself).

And of course, Christian killed one person himself, that we know of, and may have been involved in another murder too.

So really just what on earth is the deal with Marlon's heinous family karma?

And will these same issues be effecting Tuki Brando, Cheyenne's son?

Marlon claimed to have had sex with men and was basically just a total absolute slut in general.

Sounds like his genetic karma manifested itself in his children and skipped punishing him too publicly in his own lifetime...

Also reading his bio, sounds like he might have caught the genetic karma from his mother, Dorothy "Dodie" Julia.
(01-29-2018, 08:27 PM)MO Wrote: And will these same issues be effecting Tuki Brando, Cheyenne's son?

My guess on this is no.

It will probably skip a generation...

And since Tuki Brando certainly at least looks gay, he may never reproduce to facilitate the continuity of that process.

The buck may stop with him.
apparently christian married deborah presley(claimed to be elvis' illegite child) in 2004(the year he died)and had a child

very bizarre family ...they almost seek out chaos

If that's supposed to be their kid, it definitely looks like him.

But who knows.

And if it is his kid, seems like we'll probably never hear about it.

Seems very obscure.

She'd have to make a point to come out and tell the world that she's his child.

It'd be hard to get much attention.

We'll probably be unable to keep up with her progress/determine whether or not she's exhibiting the "Brando Curse".

But much like Tuki, the whole thing might skip her entirely.
And that lady claims to be the illegitimate child of Elvis, I mean come on...

Claiming her random daughter is Christian Brando's...

I'm seeing a pattern here.

I'd definitely come close to believing that than believing she's Elvis's daughter though.
I mean the whole thing is honestly laughable...

She's basically stolen her last name of Presley, under bogus claims, and she took Christian's last name the same way.

There's pics of them together, but where's the proof they were ever actually married?

Probably just one of the many chicks Christian banged the ever loving fucking snot out of.
i don't know much about astrology MO , but do the brandos have that character trait of seeking chaos in the astrology charts ?
I'm about to read Christian's chart... if it seems promising, I might read Marlon's. But I am about 100% less interested in Marlon than I am in Christian. I already have Marlon's part of the funk figured out. We'll see what Christian's says.
And I'm beyond turned off by the fact that Marlon publicly admitted to fucking other dudes... that takes interest in him down to below nothing.
(01-29-2018, 08:57 PM)MO Wrote: And I'm beyond turned off by the fact that Marlon publicly admitted to fucking other dudes... that takes interest in him down to below nothing.

LOL, did not know that i was just watching this classic interview  where he is all aboard the south africa anti apartheid  band wagon - and that was a turn off for me ! 


There's a suggestion here of negative aspects in the chart taking a toll on Christian, eventually resulting in loss of the majestic appearance he was endowed with in early life.

Elements suggesting recklessness.

Suggestions of danger of injury from a weapon.

Suggestions of working with the land being a fruitful career.

Chart shows Christian being someone who inherits a legacy.

Suggestions of tyrannical behavior, and violent death.

Suggestions of violent death, as either the perp or the victim... moral drives are overridden by selfishness.

More suggestions of recklessness, violent nature, etc.

If born into family wealth, chart suggests an eventual reversal of fortune in general.

Yet more suggestions that he would profit from a business involving wood.

Suggestions of unwillingness to fight against and prevail over one's weaknesses... excessive physical dangers.

Suggestions of dishonesty and a 'plotting' nature.

Suggestion of being outcasted from the family and an outlaw.

There's even an aspect which shows that a single female will be the source of misguidance and setbacks.

Now, there were also many positive aspects to his chart... but these are all the ones which were relevant to how we know his life ultimately played out. And there are a lot of them.
Gonna go through Marlon's chart as fast as possible because I am not interested...

Petty, stingy, comes across as a cold person, superficial, lazy, depraved, reckless, cowardly, risk of poisoning (which he did, he died obese/diabetic, had poisoned himself with unhealthy shit).

Chart promises wealth and fame. Sexual perversion and debauchery of all kinds.

Also lots of indications of generosity in the chart... nothing is ever 100% bad, but I would think that generosity in this kind of chart would be expressed via shadow aspects. Not saying he never did anything good for people or whatever, but. Ya know. Just calling it how I see it.

He wasn't even actually Italian, BTW. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just saying.

Suggestions of being in a high position of power, in the arts, business, or politics.

Suggestions of violence and selfishness, especially concerning relationships with others.

That's about it. So a lot of these elements seem to run in the family, due to Marlon's genetics.

But look how accurate this shit is... you just can't make it up. It's written in the stars there for everyone to see, about everyone else... and is basically always accurate, as far as I have seen. And I've been looking at this stuff for a long long time.
wow that is amazingly accurate chart for Christian .

just reading an article about when he was born :

"Kashfi was furious when she learned that Marlon had called him Christian after one of his homosexual lovers, the French actor Christian Marquand. So she always called him Devi, his middle name, the Hindu name for the female aspect of the divine."

also has some interesting stuff about that deborah presley .
Looking at Cheyenne's chart now.

Right off the bat, aspects describing struggles with all kinds of addiction, likelihood of being separated from ones' children. Wow. It is ALL written in the stars, folks. Ancient cultures have studied the positions of the heavenly bodies and the effects they have on people born under those positions... and they have essentially 'reverse engineered' the whole thing to the point where they can basically map out someone's life. That's astrology. Fucking amazing.

Suggestions of violent death, and being the victim of swindlers. And no, in case you're wondering, suggestions of "violent death" don't really tend to often show up in birth charts. They honestly don't, trust me I've read enough to know.

Suggestions of vengefulness and anarchistic qualities. Self-centeredness, conceit, provocation toward violent conflicts... sound familiar?

Suggestions toward family secrets and birth out of wedlock.

Dangers of violence and ruin.

I'm seeing a lot of specific aspects which are carried over from Marlon's chart, and also appeared in Christian's... no coincidence. Shares more than a few exact aspects with Christian, which is unusual. That definitely suggests not only karmic similarity, but a degree of karmic entanglement using the two as crash test dummies, essentially.

Indications of general sadness in the chart.

Suggestions of a difficult early life.
Ah I just saw that Christian and that Deb chick were verified married, and he was also married to another chick too. There was mention of 'having two marriages' in his chart.
Read your own chart and everyone else's here:

Just leave birth time at noon if you don't know it...

Get to the page that shows your chart, scroll down, click 'Display asteroids aspects, Display hypothetical planets' and click 'Redraw'.

Click all the icons and read each description.

And I thought shit was awkward between Veronica and Dick!?

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