Lana Del Rey is fucking obnoxious and her music inspires suicide...
It's just too forlorn...

I hate that forlorn bullshit, it's bad for the psyche.

Straight pure and total mind cancer.
I'm not even saying all her music is terrible...

I just don't like it.
Gonna regret this... *early facepalm*

I will openly admit: I like about three of her songs. Purely for the music, the lyrics are trash.
Still not a fan. Not hatin'... just not a fan.
Lana Del Rabies is cooler.

Its not "her" music, silleh lady teeehehehehe

The lyrics and story behind the song is fucking super-ebola but the music is beautiful.
Probably should've looked for an instrumental, haha...
OK, I think I've got my soul back, hahaha...

Much better.
I've got a little black book with my poems in.
Got a bag with a toothbrush and a comb in.
When I'm a good dog, they sometimes throw me a bone in.


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